Andor: When Will Season 1 Be Available? Cast List, Teaser, and More!

Andor, as its name implies, will focus on the titular figure, Cassian Andor. Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Andor, will reprise his role in the series. His character’s daring, rebellious nature and attractive, but forceful, dark manner have already captivated viewers. He is an energetic and passionate Rebel Alliance supporter.

Andor Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Updates!

A dedicated following has developed for Star Wars over the years, and viewers have never seemed to tire of more of the same. After Disney Plus announced it will air the debut of this prequel to the critically acclaimed film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it received a great deal of buzz.

Andor Release Date

Having a show centered on him would let us learn more about his personality and abilities. The 21st of September, 2022, was declared as the official release date for Andor.

When Will Season 1 of Andor Be Available?

Earlier we established that September 21, 2022, will mark the premiere of the Andor television series. Disney Plus subscribers will be able to watch it there. An earlier version of the release date for the series had it debuting on August 31, 2022. Like the other programs on Disney Plus, the show will have a new episode drop every week.

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Three episodes will drop all at once on the opening date (September 21), with more episodes dropping weekly after that. The majority of this will continue until November 2022. By then, the whole first season will have aired in its entirety, and if rumors are to be believed, production on the second season will have begun by then as well. After the launch, further episodes will likely be published weekly on Wednesdays, giving fans something to anticipate.

Andor Season 1 Release Date Cast (Old and New)

Andor News

Members of the following starred in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the latest installment in the Star Wars film franchise:

  • Diego Luna plays the part of Cassian Andor
  • Felicity Jones portrays the character Jyn Erso
  • Alan Tudyk stars as K-2SO
  • Donnie Yen has the role of Chirrut Imwe
  • Wen Jiang plays the character Baze Malbus
  • Guy Henry is the character of Governor Tarkin
  • Forest Whitaker plays the character of Saw Gerrera
  • Riz Ahmed stars as Bodhi Rook
  • Jimmy Smits plays the part of Bail Organa and so on.

Genevieve O’Reilly, Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Arjona, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller, and Fiona Shaw will join Diego Luna as supporting cast members in Andor. K-2SO will not be making another appearance in the first season, although his presence might be teased in the second.

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The Talk on Social Media About Andor Season 1

Andor has become a social media phenomenon, trending on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Several fans have created websites devoted to the program, where they provide spoilers and news about the series. Instagram users may follow the show’s official account (handle: @andorofficial) for updates and images. People are flocking to the page because it has promotional materials for the film.

Many fans have spoken up about their enthusiasm for Star Wars and the thrill they feel from everything associated with the franchise. They said the Andor trailer was brilliantly put together, and that the show will provide them with the dream and escape they want. The viewers are eager to see Cassion Andor in his youth and see him at the height of his powers. We shall see the great Andor and learn how he differs from the other members of “The Rebel Alliance,” who have fought tirelessly to restore and preserve democracy across the Galaxy, no matter how tough the situation may appear.

What to Expect From Andor Season 1?

Being the precursor of a groundbreaking film like Rogue One has both advantages and disadvantages. Since they are used to a certain standard of excellence, the audience has high expectations for the same. True fans should have high hopes for season 1. The story will follow Rebellion Cassian Andor through his several incarnations, as the title indicates.

Star Wars fans have a soft spot for sci-fi and fantasy stories, and we can be certain that the next series will deliver on both fronts, giving us the same thrilling, dramatic atmosphere as the films and TV shows that came before it. The series will also provide a deeper dive into the plans of “The Rebel Alliance.” Lucasfilm Ltd. has previously confirmed that the program will return for a second season, which will also consist of 8 episodes and will most likely include the return of the characters that the public is hoping to see again.

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Andor Season 1 Episode Guide 

Andor will have 12 episodes total; the first three will debut with the series, and the remaining episodes will drop weekly on Disney Plus (just like the other Star Wars shows).


Newly published is the official Star Wars: Andor trailer, and we couldn’t be more excited. The trailer’s genuine and intriguing atmosphere generates excitement among the target audience. The sound effects are captivating, and the opening speech is intense. Not much was revealed about the plot, but we get a look at the protagonist, Andor, and his coworkers, and we get the impression that the viewer will be treated to a sufficient number of conflicts in the name of revolution. The official trailer provides a nice introduction to the show’s characters.