Ezra Miller, Star of “The Flash,” Faces Felony Burglary Charges in Vermont! (Update 2022)

Criminal burglary charges have been brought against Ezra Miller because he allegedly stole a large amount of liquor from a Vermont residence.

The Vermont State Police have told the public that Ezra Miller is expected to face a few counts related to the theft of alcohol from a Vermont residence.

Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary Vermont Home

On Monday, Vermont authorities delivered the news that the celebrity had broken into a home in Stamford, Vermont, that was listed in the name of “Isaac B.” On May 1 at 5:55 p.m., an unauthorized party entered Isaaq’s home and stole his possessions.

Ezra Miller News

According to the press statement, the burglary occurred when the homeowner was out of town, and early inquiry indicated the theft of multiple alcoholic beverage bottles. Law enforcement officials said that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Miller with unlawful entry into an unoccupied house. Once the police had finished reviewing the film and the other major comments, they released their report.

On Sunday at 11:23 p.m. local time, the police said that they had located The Flash star, who uses they/them pronouns, and that the rising star would be required to appear in court on September 26 for a hearing in the Bennington Criminal Division.

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Ezra Miller released the video with the event, in which they can be seen being physically beaten by authorities while trying to communicate with them. The police can be seen slapping the Fantastic Beasts star, and others are heard asking the officer whether the actor is being detained for disorderly behavior; the officer responds with a simple “yes.”

Ezra Miller said that they were attacked twice during their talk with the police and that the attacks were caught on camera. After the identifying information for the authorities in the clips was confirmed, the public was granted access to the short movie.

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The footage captures the 25-year-old Train Wreck actor’s moment of being shackled by the blue coat, as well as the thwack.

Ezra Miller was repeatedly questioned about the basis for his detention, and the police sought to explain that they had been attacked themselves throughout the incident.

Some law enforcement officials reportedly visited Miller’s mother, Marta Miller, and talked with her and Miller’s three daughters from the family farm on Friday. They described the 96-acre property as “paradise on earth.”

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The actor has been hit with many allegations, but thus far his agents have kept silent. There were other complaints made after the burglary that took place in March at the Hawai Karaoke Bar in Hilo, Hawaii, including the two that were made by separate individuals.

Ezra Miller pled “no contest” to all of the above counts since he claimed no responsibility for them. Although Miller was ordered to pay a $500 fine, he was also ordered by the court to avoid ever returning to the Silva Street karaoke club in Hawaii. A few times after the charge was filed, Miller was hauled into jail, and almost as quickly, he was released from custody after the reps paid the $500 fee.

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After receiving reports of the alleged unruly behavior, officials in Hawaii arrived at the scene. According to the findings, Miller was embarrassed by the karaoke performers in the club and made disparaging comments about them.

Ezra Miller then started scowling, mumbling, and displaying obscene language; they also snatched the microphone away from one of the karaoke singers, and eventually lost control and assaulted a 32-year-old male who was also there. The pub owner repeatedly asked Miller to stop, but he ignored him and continued his antics.

The court also rejected Miller’s claims of harassment and breach of traffic regulations. The famous actor was accused of taking money and a passport from one of the tourists in Hawaii, where he was filming.

Ezra Miller’s legal troubles did not stop there; on April 19 of this year, they were detained for hurling a chair at a lady who had requested him to leave her house.

In June, Miller’s ex-wife made allegations that Miller had given their son, Gibson, who was then 18 years old, LSD. Additionally, she said that Miller had mental disorders and that their parents were sometimes using psychological and emotional persuasion.