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Love Island Reunion 2022: Davide, the winner, is embarrassed by a video of Ekin-Su crawling.

On Sunday, the Love Island 2022 competitors were brought back together for an episode that would turn the tables and reveal the truth about Turkish actress Ekuin-Su- Culculogu.

Love Island reunion 2022: Winner Davide cringes over Ekin-crawling Su’s clip

When Davide Sanclimenti discovered what his sweetheart, Ekuin-Su Culculogu, was up to at the villa, he promptly informed the authorities. Ekin-secret, Su’s that she crawled to the terrace to steal a kiss from Jay Younger, was exposed thanks to the camera.

When Davide saw his partner cheating behind his back, he became completely white. When presenter Laura Whitmore approached Davide about the event, he said he was blindfolded by Ekin-Su and couldn’t see the drama being played out in front of him.

Love Island Reunion 2022: Jay’s reaction to seeing himself on camera kissing Davide’s fiancée at the start of the performance was the funniest of all. Ekin-desperation Su’s to see Jay is made evident in the footage, in which she is shown secretly making her way to the terrace by crawling beneath the floor to avoid detection. Her efforts were rewarded with a passionate kiss from Jay.

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Davide’s explanation that they had already moved on kept the argument from escalating further. Jay, Davide’s ex-boyfriend, and current flame were reassured by his words that he would always be one of Ekin’s guys. The tension in the room vanished instantly.

Love Island Reunion 2022: The victors of Love Island were called in to prove that their “love” wasn’t genuine when it was revealed that one of them had been cheating on the other. During the Love Island reunion show, tensions ran high between the Casa Amor ladies (including Coco Lodge) and the Villa girls (including Summer Botwe) when the topic of Josh Le Grove came up.

Fans went wild after the broadcast, reacting on social media about how dry, unpleasant, and uncomfortable the episode was because of the boiling exchange of words. Fans of Love Island were disappointed when the Love Island Reunion 2022 ruined the show’s carefully cultivated reputation.

During a heated debate over Summer’s and Coco’s feelings for Josh Le Grove, the two began to fight openly in front of the camera. The presenter, Darren Harriot, had to intervene to stop the altercation before it escalated into something worse.

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A source of contention between the two was revealed when Coco said on a podcast called Saving Grace that she had rejected Josh as the villa concluded despite his obvious sexual attraction to her. Summer, who has been dating Josh since they left the villa, would have found the statements offensive. Naturally, Summer would take offense to that remark.

Darren kept on asking the past competitors inane things, and when he asked Billy Brown who was “getting a pair up,” Summer chimed in, hinting that she knew someone who was hoping to get along with someone.

Love Island Reunion 2022: The comment was as transparent as water, and it was obvious that Summer was making a subtle dig at Coco. Coco even chimed in to advise Summer not to drag herself into the television programs if she cannot control her so-called large personality.

Love Island Reunion 2022: Coco then issued a challenge to Summer, at which point Darren intervened to remind them that now was not the appropriate moment. Even though Summer’s fears were allayed, she still felt the need to have the last say in the dispute by letting it slip that she would never get into a fight with anybody so long as she did not see any competition. Coco was midway through a sentence when Darren once again cut her off, this time before she could introduce Josh as her partner.

Even though the Love Island Reunion 2022 was packed with drama and passion, the fans deemed it dull on Twitter. A Twitter user made the astute observation that because no Islanders were physically present, the event was mind-numbingly dull.

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One particularly funny remark claimed that the Love Island Reunion 2022 attendees were sleeping on couches in the studio.

However, the victors, Davide and Ekin-Su, were the only ones whose actions reflected love and gratitude; supporters had hoped to see the two of them spend more time together in front of the TV.

Finalists Andrew Le Page, Iniyah Polack, Luca Bish, Dami Hope, and Gemma Owen were seen chatting it up on air with the big names, spilling the beans about their highs and lows in the villa.

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