Busta Rhymes Net Worth: In what ways was he able to amass a fortune of $20 million?

Busta Rhymes

Rapper, actor, and record producer Busta Rhymes has amassed a large fortune because of his widespread fame.

Throughout his long career, he has developed a refined sense of style that has inspired many of his fellow musicians to emulate.

The wealth of Busta Rhymes will be discussed here.

Early Life of Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes’ birth name is Trevor George Smith Jr. Born to Jamaican parents on May 20, 1972, he spent his early years in Brooklyn, New York.

Busta Rhymes Age

Growing up, Trevor’s family moved locations often. When I was twelve, my family and I relocated to Long Island. As a result, Trevor Smith was able to spend time in Liverpool when the Smith family moved to the United Kingdom.

After returning to the States, Trevor Smith Jr. attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School to finish his secondary education.

Smith attended high school among the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z. The next year, Smith moved back to Long Island, where he had attended high school.

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Busta Rhymes’s Career

In 1989, Busta and Charlie Brown began their careers as musicians and rapidly became essential members of the hip-hop group “Public Enemy.”

In 1991, the band published their first album, “a future without history,” and for Busta, it was a turning point in his life.

He shot to fame once the record was a commercial success; he quickly started working with other famous musicians, and his music was played and liked all over the globe.

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His first solo effort, titled “The Coming,” was released that same year. His subsequent chart-topping single, “Woo Hah!!,” is another example of his success. “Got You All in Check” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” In addition to “Don’t Cha,” “Look at Me Now,” and “What’s It Gonna Be” are also among his many Grammy-winning songs.

Busta Rhymes’s Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is predicted that Busta Rhymes’s net worth will be $20 million.

A large portion of his wealth comes from his many projects in the music business. On the other hand, this has not been the rapper’s only source of income during his career. For Busta Rhymes, starring in movies has been a way to supplement his income.

Several record companies saw potential in Busta Rhymes, which led to the release of several albums and songs and ultimately money for him. He was able to increase his fan base, album sales, and opportunities since he collaborated well with numerous well-known artists.

Busta Rhymes’s Financial Issues

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According to court filings filed in May 2014, Busta Rhymes has a tax debt of $789,577. Busta owes $611,000 in 2008 taxes and $178,000 in 2012 taxes, as reported by the Internal Revenue Service. The rapper didn’t specify if the incident was just a simple misunderstanding or a harbinger of a major economic downturn.

The Spouse of Busta Rhymes

The rapper seems to be single at the moment. Despite this, he has dated many attractive ladies.

Some of these liaisons produced the six children for which this man is now responsible. The former couple’s daughter, Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly, was named after him and his ex-wife.

In 1999, Jill had the rapper undergo a paternity test to establish his fatherhood to Mariah. Their little girl arrived in 1998. There was a rumor that Trevor John Smith Jr. was dating Joanne Wood. Due to Joanne’s sexual orientation, the relationship had to end.

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There are three Wood-Smiths: T’Ziah, T’Khi, and Trillian. Rapper 50 Cent and Joanne Wood were involved in a bitter custody battle. In 2006, Wood said that her sexual orientation, as a lesbian, rather than her parenting skills were to blame for the animosity.

The breakup with her ex-boyfriend was triggered, she thinks because she likes other women more than he does. Amidst the high-stakes custody fight, Busta Rhymes emerged victorious. The court found that he was a more responsible parent than his ex-girlfriend.


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Rhonda Randall is frequently incorrectly identified as Busta Rhymes’ ex-wife. In other words, they never tied the knot. Meanwhile, the rapper also had daughter number two, Cacie Smith, in 1998. With Rhonda Randall, he shares Cacie.

Busta Rhymes’s Children

The rap star is the oldest of six children, three of which are daughters. In 1998, his first daughter entered the world, and in 1999, his second. The singer’s third daughter, named Miracle Smith, was born that year.

Unfortunately, the identity of the mother of this little child remains unknown. Despite having several girlfriends, he has never tied the knot. However, he is a responsible parent of six kids and is probably alone at this moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In other words, who is Rhymes’s wife?

Busta Rhymes is not dating anybody right now.

Can You Guess How Many Kids Rhymes Has?

Busta Rhymes is a father of six.

In 2022, how wealthy is Busta Rhymes?

In terms of wealth, Busta Rhymes is worth a cool $20 million.