Hasbulla Net Worth 2022: Can We Guess How Much the “Mini Khabib” Makes Per Year?

Due to his adorable baby face and strong friendships with various mixed martial arts athletes, notably Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev, Hasbulla Magomedov (aka “Mini Khabib”) rocketed to notoriety on social media and quickly amassed a sizable net worth.

Hizbullah is an American internet celebrity, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, and reality TV star. He has gained fame because of his over a million TikTok subscribers.

Hasbulla Magomedov’s wealth will be dissected here.

Early Life of Hasbulla

Hasbulla Age

A native of Moscow, Hasbulla Magomedov entered the world in 2003. 2022 is the 19th year of Hasbulla’s existence. His fame stemmed from his baby visage, his high voice, and his little size. Hasbulla’s stature may be attributable to an undiagnosed case of growth hormone deficiency (GHD), a form of dwarfism.

Despite his little size, Hasbulla became famous for his charisma and willingness to take on roles far greater than his own. Around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, he started posting videos of his daily life on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. His early works reflected his fiery personality, martial arts background (boxing, wrestling), and lavish lifestyle.

His prime was in May of 2021. Hasbulla displayed his charisma and trash-talking abilities at his news conference before his bout with Tajik musician Abdu Rozik.

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Hasbulla Magomedov’s Career


Struggles and Triumphs in Hasbulla Magomedov’s Mixed Martial Arts Profession

The Russian internet star has gone viral after a video of him mimicking Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s iconic UFC 229 weigh-in went viral. The video earned him the nickname “Mini Khabib” in the mixed martial arts community.

Hasbulla Height

To my surprise, they’re really good buddies. Hasbulla, a native of Dagestan who just took up MMA, and UFC have become close; they have even been featured in photos together on each other’s social media. Even though they seem quite similar, they are not related.

His social media accounts include photos and videos of Hasbulla hanging out with famous Russian boxers and getting physical with his pals.

Video of His fights and training sessions went viral, catapulting him to stardom in the mixed martial arts world. The news conference he had before a confrontation with musician Abdu Rozik, who has the same growth disorder as Habulla and is around the same height, went viral online.

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He turned to mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing to fit in with the crowd. Videos of the little warrior spanning the gap between two adults and jabbing at the camera can be seen all over social media.

He posts videos of himself working out in the gym, including weight training, sparring, and ground opponents (albeit these are clearly for show), and demonstrates how his training methods, combination strikes, and submissions have improved over time thanks to his positive attitude and team spirit.

Hasbulla’s Net Worth

Many people have made educated guesses about His wealth ever since he gained TikTok stardom. As of the year 2022, His social media following and promotional efforts have earned him an unprovable but estimated net worth of $200,000.

Hasbulla News

Hasbulla vs. Abdu Rozik fight

This pre-fight press conference was like taking a testosterone overdose, no matter how big or little the fighters were. Name-calling, cheap shots, barking, physical challenges, and direct attacks are all on the table.

The press conference before Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik’s bout was held in a dismal living room. Angry after seeing the two guys’ verbal sparring, the crowd set fire to the remarks.

They are paid a lot, and it’s not a reality TV show down to the wire; it’s a comedy event. Not a sport, right? I find such a practice to be immoral and inappropriate. Uliana Podpalnaya is the head of state.

According to Chechen boxer Ashab Tamaev, the bout is scheduled for sometime in the middle to late stages of June. The competition between the two children with dwarfism has been deemed “unethical” by the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association.

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In a recent interview with Barstool Sports, He rekindled tensions with Abdu Rozik, stating that the next time they meet, he would “throw a hook,” and adding, “how about you put us both in a room and shut the door, one guy will walk out and the other may remain slumped on the floor.”

Hasbulla Magomedov’s Interests

His excellent choice in automobiles will be immediately apparent to his Instagram followers. Pictures of him flaunting his brand-spanking-new BMWs and AMGs flood his Instagram feed.


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He rides a quad bike erratically around the streets of his neighborhood and drives a 4×4 solely on the beach, even though he is much smaller than the average driver. However, he continues from there.

Several films are showing the daredevil brandishing knives and 9mm weapons at his companions, in addition to the automobiles. Several witnesses observed him fire an AK-104. A police officer assists him in picking up the pistol, but he is unable to do so. He uses the pistol like a seasoned soldier and, with the aid of a police officer, shoots off many rounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Hasbulla Magomedov?

He will be 19 in 2022.

Why is Magomedov Small?

Magomedov’s short stature may be attributed to his lack of growth hormone.