Drew Barrymore and ex-husband Justin Long say, “I’ll always love you,” In a touching moment

While guests on Drew Barrymore’s talk programme, she and Justin Long had a touching moment.

On Monday’s season three premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, the two had an emotional reunion (12 September).

The pair, who starred in many films together and dated on and off from 2007 to 2010, started out by praising one other’s sense of humour until they seemed to forget that anybody was watching.

Drew Barrymore said that their shared sense of humour was crucial to their friendship.

Drew Barrymore tells ex-Justin Long she’ll ‘always love’ him

Asserting agreement, Long said, “I love that we’ve preserved our love because I don’t believe it’ll ever – from my end, it’ll never go somewhere, I’ll love you eternally.”

Drew Barrymore and Justin

Barrymore was so affected that she covered her lips with a hand and the pair then proceeded to embrace and cuddle each other.

She responded as applause erupted from the crowd, “I will always love you so much, you were very essential to me.”

I also get the impression that we’ve gone through a lot of hardships together. I remember telling Justin every time we spoke or video chatted that I felt like a completely different person. “I’ve wanted to show you how much I’ve changed since we were together,” Barrymore said.

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We were more hedonistic and less mature, but we had an incredible time together. It was total anarchy, but we always had a blast when we were all together.

Fun anarchy, most hedonism is enjoyable!

” Long nodded before adding, “I love that time”.

Barrymore referred to Long as a “bachelor” in an interview, recalling their first meeting when they were both single.

Drew Barrymore and ex Justin Long

Champion your ex is a dedication to “appreciating what once was,” the two said.

Barrymore stated, “All I want in life is your prosperity and happiness.”

As a pair, they were seen in the ensemble casts of the romantic comedies He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) and Going the Distance (2010).