America Got Talent Finale: Heidi Klum says the Mayyas is “what a million dollar act looks like” [WATCH].

America Got Talent Finale News: The Lebanese dance trio Mayyas, chosen by Sofia Vergara to receive the Golden Buzzer, performed on the final episode of “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday night. The judges have already been impressed by the all-female dancing troupe’s well-choreographed performances and coordinated motions, but now it’s up to the American people to decide. Is Mayyas deserving of a spot on the “AGT” winners’ list in YOUR opinion? Check out the above “AGT” clip.

America Got Talent Finale: The performers began their live act with a single woman wearing a beautiful white snow-like dress, and then the dress came alive thanks to all of the dancers hiding inside of it. They explained in their pre-show package that they wanted to portray “the image of people coming together for one purpose,” and that “the best is yet to come.” Later, the ladies paraded about with glowing orbs in their hands to display their now-famous work of forming a single line and executing complex choreography in unison.

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America Got Talent Finale Mayyas

On NBC’s long-running reality TV program, it was undeniably a “wow” moment. See what the “AGT” judges thought of Mayyas’s performance in the final round below.

America Got Talent Finale: Totally speechless, “AGT” host Sofia Vergara said, “You guys are the finest thing that has ever crossed this stage. a new height”

Heidi Klum said, “This is a million-dollar performance! You know what else? You ladies always showed up with your best performance. Tonight’s performance was top-notch.

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I’m only saying the obvious, Terry,” Simon Cowell said. Incredibly, this happened. And I’ll tell you something: there’s something about you that’s giving me a buzz that goes beyond the show. It seems to have successfully landed… I don’t believe you can beat that.

America Got Talent Finale: Winner, winner, chicken supper,” Howie Mandel said. Vote, America; your voice must be heard. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to you on ‘AGT,’ my favorite actor ever. The advancement of women and cultural preservation would benefit greatly from this. Mayyas! Mayyas! Mayyas! ”

Terry said that despite the criticism, the whole nation of Lebanon has come together to support Mayyas since their audition. As a response, they told the cheering audience, “We made it this far because of you. Really appreciate it.

America Got Talent Finale: Live performances were also given by saxophonist Avery Dixon (Terry’s Golden Buzzer), country singer Drake Milligan, country trio Chapel Hart, magician Yu Hojin, pop singer Sara James (Simon’s Golden Buzzer), magician Nicolas RIBS, artificial intelligence act Metaphysic, stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield, pole dancer/animator Kristy Sellars, and Spanish ventriloquist Celia Munoz.

America Got Talent Finale

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