Britney Spears claims she is “very traumatised for life” and would never perform again.

Within the span of a year, Britney Spears has tied the knot, achieved online folk hero status, and effectively terminated a notorious conservatorship.

But the singer who has had such successes as “…Baby One More Time” and “Toxic” is still grieving from what she claims was maltreatment when her family was in charge of her personal and professional life.

Sunday, Britney Spears resorted to Instagram to notify her 42 million fans that she would “probably never perform again” because of the restrictions placed on her by her conservatorship.

According to The Guardian, Spears wrote, “I’m quite traumatized for life, and yeah, I’m mad as f— and no, I won’t probably perform again simply because I’m stubborn and I will make my point.” She erased the comment later on.

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Britney Spears went on to explain that throughout the 13 years she was under conservatorship, she only enjoyed “Work Bitch,” out of all the videos she made. She also detailed terrifying encounters with tour photographers she claims shot the “most insulting” photographs possible.

Britney Spears says she’s ‘pretty traumatized for life

After Spears’ 2007 divorce from husband Kevin Federline, her bizarre public conduct raised concerns about her mental health. In 2008, she was hospitalized twice for short-term mental evaluations and, in the same year, she lost custody of her two children. James P. Spears, her father, filed a petition with a Los Angeles court to have her placed under the temporary conservatorship of the court, and the conservatorship was later made permanent.

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By law, Spears’ father had conservatorship over her from 2008 to 2021, during which time he made all major life and business choices on her behalf and managed her funds.

Using the hashtag #FreeBritney, pop star fans started a grassroots effort in 2009 to end the singer’s conservatorship.

Britney Spears did not speak publicly about her problems with the conservatorship until June 2021, when she filed a petition in court to be released from the arrangement. The singer spoke for 23 minutes about being drugged, forced to perform against her will, and barred from having more children.

As per a court order issued on November 12, 2021, the conservatorship was no longer in effect.

After discovering her father had been abusing the conservatorship, Britney Spears spoke out publicly about it. Others in her family have also been publicly shamed by her.

During her time at the conservatory, Britney Spears released three albums, had a Las Vegas residency for four years, and made guest appearances on series including X Factor and Jane the Virgin.

Last month, Spears released “Hold Me Closer,” a reworked version of an Elton John classic that she recorded with John himself. After 2016’s Glory, this was the singer’s first single release.