One of The Bachelorette’s surviving suitors, An explanation of how Gabby Windey and Erich met.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Gabby and her co-bachelorette Rachel Recchia each have exactly one guy left who may potentially propose in the season finale next week.

The Bachelorette Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey were brought to the studio by presenter Jesse Palmer on the first night of the season finale.

Following the conclusion of Rachel and Zach’s chat before the rose ceremony, Jesse tossed it back to Mexico to demonstrate their last exchange.

According to Zach, 25, “I’m sure you feel that the Fantasy Suite seemed a bit strange with us.” he told Rachel. And you know that from the very first day, I’ve been open and honest with you about how I feel, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t think what I was seeing was the real Rachel.

Zach continued, saying that he was “upset” and “disappointed” with the Rachel he had met that night.

Rachel, who is 26 years old, said, “I do understand maybe you were picking up on a little bit of a different feeling.” “I’ve been trying to get some perspective all week, and I think I finally have.”

Gabby Windey

As Rachel put it, she “was simply hoping to find that missing piece” and believed that spending the night with Zach would do the trick.

Zach remarked, “I did genuinely love you.” The future I envisaged with you isn’t possible, therefore I’m leaving.

The Bachelorette: Before Rachel returned inside to hand Tino and Aven flowers, they saw Zach go.

Once they were back in the studio, Zach approached Rachel for the first time since their trip to Mexico. Initially, they apologized to one another.

Zach reflected on how he felt at the time, saying, “I was sick to my stomach the entire week.” From the time we spent together in the Fantasy Suite, I had a bad feeling.

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The Bachelorette: Rachel said to Zach, “I truly want you to know that you meant so lot to me.”

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Rachel felt heard after Zach’s reassurance that he could relate to her predicament. “There is no right or wrong way to traverse it,” he said. It was a bitter pill to take, to put it mildly.

Jesse (age 43) inquired of Zach (age 24) and Rachel (age 23) about what had transpired in the Fantasy Suite the previous evening.

The Bachelorette: It was instantly off, Zach emphasized. To paraphrase, “It seemed like we were sort of like two strangers in a sense,” and “I suppose it was the moment that I didn’t completely recognize at that time, but maybe you had already recognized I wasn’t going to be your future person.”

Despite Zach’s impression that Rachel interrogated him about his readiness for marriage, the pilot in charge reassured him, “I was never accusing you of not being ready.”

Both Rachel and Zach assured Jesse they didn’t regret their actions.

Not for anything in the world,” Zach said. “There’s a purpose for everything that occurs.”


Before Aven’s arrival, Rachel gushed about him and Tino to her parents and two closest friends. Tony, Rachel’s dad, pulled the sales executive aside when Aven, 28, arrived for a private conversation.

Tony remarked to Aven, “I want to know why.” Nobody is going to take my kid away from me without a battle. This is my pride and delight.

The Bachelorette: They have “a lot of the same ideals,” Aven told Tony of his and Rachel’s compatibility. “The emotions are so strong and it’s been a journey for us,” he said. All the times we’ve spent together have helped us grow closer.


Mary Anne, Rachel’s mother, said that Aven was “quite nice.”

Rachel exclaimed, “With Aven, I simply feel like I trust him. I have no reservations about him.”

The Bachelorette: Meanwhile, Aven was overheard by Nate and Sam, two of Rachel’s friends, saying, “I want to be with Rachel at the end of this. I want to build a life with her and I want the engagement portion of it to be flawless.”

Although Aven said he could “1,000 percent see myself getting there” with Rachel, he couldn’t tell them the truth when he said he was ready to drop down on one knee in a matter of days.

I want to get to the point where we can get married and start a life together with her, Aven added.

The Bachelorette: As Nate and Sam had a private conversation with Rachel, they shared the news with her.

‘The way he phrases it, he knows he wants to be with you,’ Sam assured Rachel. In this case, I agree with his logical reasoning.

Upon hearing this, Rachel said, “This is not what he told me,” expressing her disbelief.

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The Bachelorette: Rachel shared her worry about this matter with Aven during their recent conversation.

Nothing has changed in the way I feel about you, and it has nothing to do with a lack of readiness, Aven remarked. I’m falling in love with you and I can see a future with you, and I want to get to that point with you, but I want to make sure it’s perfect for the two of us right now.

It’s tough to hear that,” Rachel said.

The two of them continued to ramble on incessantly on the same topic. Rachel told me she wanted me to meet her family “at 100 percent,” meaning that she wanted me to be myself and not worry about anything.

The Bachelorette: Aven expressed regret if her pals had misunderstood him. No matter how long it takes, “Rachel,” he added, “I have no qualms in my mind about our getting there.” “I’m sorry if anything they said to you was misunderstood; all I want is to be with you.”

Rachel said after he said he wouldn’t be “forced” to propose, “What if what I want is to be engaged?”

To make you happy, Aven remarked, “I’m not going to sit here and toss words about in your face.”

They shared a passionate kiss goodbye.

The Bachelorette: Aven added, “I walked in here wanting to be myself and true,” adding, “I adore all of them.”

Rachel pondered aloud, “I’m not sure how Aven and I go on from it,” during an on-camera interview.


The Bachelorette: Gabby finally brought the last guy remaining into the family: Erich. Gabby reassured her family and friends, “I did tell him I love him,” before Erich arrived.

The 29-year-old real estate analyst sat down with Gabby and her family and gushed about the “wonderful” date he had with Gabby’s sister back in their hometown.


As Erich put it, “after that, I was quite confident I was falling in love with her.”

In an interview, Gabby’s aunt Julie commented, “Gabby’s clearly in love, too.”

The Bachelorette: To Gabby’s delight, Erich’s grandfather, John, shared his enthusiasm for the young man in a conversation. “Erich is a good guy,” he said. In other words, “Don’t let him get away.”

Gabby had the same sentiments. She raved to her granddad, “He’s been nothing but really, very kind to me.”

While everything was going on, Erich was chatting with Patrick, Gabby’s dad. ‘Right from the start, we had this weird connection,’ Erich said.

The Bachelorette: Erich referred to Gabby as “a fantastic person” and remarked, “I can’t image my life without her at this time.”

When Patrick and his daughter had some alone time, he probed her about her certainty in Erich.

In response, she said, “He simply loves me in a manner that I haven’t experienced before.”

The Bachelorette: Gabby cried to Julie as she considered whether or not her strained connection with her mother made her “unlovable.”

Avoid keeping this information from Erich, Julie pleaded. Let Erich be the one who gets you if you feel that way about him.

It was Gabby’s opinion that Erich was the one for her. She said in front of the camera, “I love Erich more than I imagined I could ever actually love someone.” “Even contemplating a conversation with him makes me feel emotional.”


Before Tino came, Rachel told her family that she wasn’t as excited as she normally would be due to the way things ended with Aven. It was a point of mutual agreement between her and Aven, she said wistfully.


Rachel was grumpy at first, but as Tino Franco showed there, she perked up as they recounted their trip to see her relatives. Mary Anne saw Tino was tense, and Tony relished the sight of her enthusiasm.

Tony told the cameras, “I’m pleased to see my daughter so happy.”

The Bachelorette: Tony questioned Tino, 27, about the incident that occurred in their hometown with his family and made Rachel feel uneasy.

The general contractor assured Tony, “I’m 100 percent confident if they have a day with her when we go to the beach, they’ll like to fall in love with her exactly as I did.”

And he added, “I will make your daughter happy forever” and “Rachel means the world to me.”

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That was the deciding factor in Tony’s approval. Yes, Tony, I do like you, he said.

Rachel was very moved by her parent’s unconditional love for Tino. The day “went better than I imagined it could have gone,” she remarked in an on-camera interview. Everyone gives it their full seal of approval.


Rachel and Aven continued right where they left off in their talk during their last date before the big proposal.

The Bachelorette: Because of how much I care about you, Aven emphasized the significance of the next phase in our ordeal. But knowing that, I want to spend more time with you and see where you live in Florida. I want you to come to visit me. I want to do life outside of this with you and I just feel that’s so important for us at this point before that next step. And I want us to be fully, fully in love with each other so that when we get there, it’s so special that we can go right into a marriage.



The last date Gabby had with Erich didn’t go any better.

It began off on the right foot, however, with the pair telling one other they loved each other and kissing passionately.

The Bachelorette: Erich told Gabby, “I sincerely love you and I do want to spend the rest of my life with you.” And I don’t want things to happen too fast or with any artificial pressure or expectations.

When Erich asked Gabby how she felt about their future together, she said she was “quite good” about it, but she didn’t want to force him to pop the question.

According to Erich, “being engaged before that occurs is not how things normally proceed” when it comes to dating.

Gabby’s hopes that Erich would shortly propose were dashed after hearing that.

After the date, Gabby yelled to the producers, “I don’t want anybody to be coerced,” as they walked through the hotel corridors. To quote: “I’m so sick of this.”

The Bachelorette: Although Erich pursued her, he ultimately failed.

Gabby referred to the current situation as a “big gigantic dumpster fire” for the cameras. A “huge s—-show,” as the kids say.

On Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, ABC will telecast the series finale of “The Bachelorette.”