According to Amy Grant’s husband Vince Gill, the singer is “doing fine” after her July bike accident.

Amy Grant is doing better after her bike accident in July, her husband Vince Gill stated on Monday.

In spite of being injured in a car accident on July 27 in Nashville, the 61-year-old Baby, the Baby singer is reportedly “doing fantastic.” In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet in Nashville for the premiere of CMT Giants: Vince Gill, 65, said as much on Monday.

Vince Gill said that Grant was “very ripped up” that she could not attend the proceedings on Monday, but that “with her accident and all of that, [doctors] sort of thought that the best thing for her to do is just stay still.”

Amy Grant is ‘doing great in her recovery, says Vince Gill

‘That’s hard for her because she’s quite active,’ he said. It’s a fantastic night for her since she knows she is respected, loved, and shown accurately.

Vince Gill

Her representative informed USA Today that the singer/songwriter was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital to be treated for minor injuries (she was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident).

A string of Grant’s August performance appearances were postponed by her team after Vince Gill was released from the hospital “per doctor’s instructions.”

The singer’s management team said last month that Grant had to reschedule her September and October tour dates because she “needed extra time to heal from injuries and a concussion received in a bike accident.”

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Despite Grant’s improvement, her manager Jennifer Cooke noted at the time, “we have taken the painful choice to postpone her autumn tour so she can focus on her recuperation and restore her stamina.”

Cooke further said that the singer was “growing stronger every day” and that her staff was “amazed at how rapidly she recovers.”

According to her team, Amy Grant will embark on a Christmas tour and Ryman residency with her husband in December.

Vince Gill husband

In August, Amy Grant expressed her appreciation to her followers on Instagram for their support after her injury.

Amy Grant expressed his gratitude to all who had given cards, flowers, presents, and prayers. A month into my recovery, I can already say, “It has given me so many secret blessings that I never imagined.”

She said, “On the advice of my physicians and other friends who have gone through similar experiences of recuperation, I am opting to give myself the gift of a very simple autumn season.”