Brian Baumgartner’s World-Famous Chili Recipe Is Finally Explicit!

Actor Brian Baumgartner has accepted and even embraced the fact that he will always be recognised as Kevin Malone from the smash NBC series The Office. First with the Spotify Original An Oral History of the Office, then with The Office Deep Dive, and finally with Off the Beat, he has hosted three podcasts that reflect on his previous programme and provide fresh perspectives.

Over the course of the show’s nine seasons, Brian Baumgartner had many memorable moments as Kevin, but the one, when he brought a huge pot of his renowned chilli to work and unintentionally spilt it all over the floor and attempted in vain to scoop it back in, remains unforgettable. The fact that Brian, who started the programme as a total chilli novice, has become such a devotee that he helped judge the 2021 world championship chilli cook-off suggests that this is the component of Kevin Malone‘s persona that he has embraced the most.

A cartoon version of Brian Baumgartner provides advice throughout his new book, “Seriously Good Chili Cookbook: 177 of the Best Recipes in the World,” which is released today and contains a foreword by fellow Office star Oscar Nunez.

Brian Baumgartner Reveals

For example, Brian Baumgartner has said that the show’s popularity may be attributed to the fact that “it was about average people doing ordinary things and frequently failing to achieve those things.” Because of its widespread appeal, communities have formed around the preparation and consumption of chilli, which is one of the main reasons why Brian has come to love the dish. In a beautiful stroke of synergy, many of the same people who like cooking chilli in a big pot for a crowd also enjoy watching the original cast of The Office.

Brian Baumgartner reveals how he will never spill chilli again

Kevin, an ardent golfer, says he enjoys the sport for many of the same reasons he enjoys chilli: he can devote four or more hours to it, concentrate on that one thing, and temporarily forget about his problems. And like his golf game, Brian’s chilli game is constantly a work in progress, and the best part is that he gets to share his finished product with the people he loves.

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It all began when he attempted another person’s chilli recipe and shared a photo of the result online. After hearing such wonderful feedback from the audience, he decided to make it a regular thing. Since then, he has made many variations on the basic recipe, exploring the many different types of chilli (chicken, white bean, green chilli, chilli with and without beans, brisket, ground beef, ground turkey, etc.) and spices that may be used.

Brian Baumgartner’s enthusiasm for chilli was entirely self-generated; he just decided he didn’t want to spend time on anything he didn’t like, and the chilli cookoff quickly became his favourite event of the year. When asked to describe the chefs, he said, “They are all winners!” The enthusiasm is what really gets me. Like how the only people interested in your game of golf are other golfers, these folks will debate every detail of chilli preparation until the cows come home.

Brian Baumgartner Chili Beans

Naturally, Brian Baumgartner’s “Seriously Good Chili Recipe” comes first since he is, in fact, a die-hard fan of Bush’s Beans. He confidently proclaims, “There’s nothing better.”

With the endorsement of the world champions of chilli, I have no reason to question Brian’s claim that this book is the most thorough on chilli available. Reading and eating along with this book is a tonne of fun. Though I can’t say for sure, if everyone got together and made chilli, maybe it would help bring peace to the globe.

Available now, the book showcases both finished chilli dishes and the steps used to create them.