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Ryan Reynolds documented a colonoscopy to bring attention to colon cancer; physicians discovered a polyp.

GEORGE S. BUSH PRESS OFFICE – WASHING Both Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have had colonoscopies, and physicians discovered polyps in Reynolds’s colon during his procedure.

This year marks the 45th birthday for both of the pals who chose to place a bet on the Welsh football club, Wrexham AFC. McElhenney won a wager with Ryan Reynolds that he would broadcast his colonoscopy if he mastered Welsh, a difficult language.

Both guys decided to obtain colonoscopies and document and share their experiences online.

Actor Ryan Reynolds undergoes ‘life-saving’ colonoscopy

The camera focused on me very often. This, though, was the first time I’d ever had one stuffed up my a** says Ryan Reynolds in an online video. “Both the treatment itself and the preparatory work leading up to it were completely painless. The reason Rob and I did it is that we want others to feel more comfortable seeking out information about this life-saving operation.”

For posterity, Ryan Reynolds uploaded a video of the operation on YouTube.

You may see Ryan Reynolds touring the hospital and consulting with a physician before the operation.

Ryan Reynolds1aSd’s doctor informed him that he had discovered a little polyp within his colon.

You probably wouldn’t be here today if not for this. You read it right; I am not exaggerating said the physician. “Because of this, of course, you behave in this way. You showed no signs of illness.”

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McElhenney, meanwhile, had a completely clean colon.

These two gentlemen spearheaded the “LEAD FROM BEHIND” campaign with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

I was 38 when I was told I had colon cancer in Stage III. For example, in LEAD FROM BEHIND,” author and innovator Brooks Bell remarked, “I’m a trend, not a tragedy.” “said. “By the time most individuals reach 45, around one in three will have developed a polyp. Rarely do polyps cause any noticeable symptoms. A colonoscopy will detect these polyps, allowing for immediate removal and subsequent elimination of any cancer risk. My 35-year-old sister had her first colonoscopy after I was diagnosed, and they removed a huge polyp. It might have been what kept her alive.”

Facts about colon cancer

The Alliance claims that colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States and that regular colonoscopies may help avoid this disease. By the year 2030, it is expected to overtake all other forms of cancer as the leading cause of death among persons under the age of 50.

It is estimated that 150,000 cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed this year. These fears are unwarranted since colon cancer may be avoided Executive Director of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance Michael Sapienza made the following statement. It was in 2009 when Sapienza’s mother passed away from illness.

By 2021, colorectal cancer will have claimed the lives of over 52,980 U.S. citizens, according to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

Colorectal cancer is more prevalent in males than in women, and it becomes more likely as one age.

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According to the American Association for Cancer Research, the average age of diagnosis in the United States is 67, and it is more prevalent among African Americans than among persons of other ethnicities.

Colorectal cancer is more common among smokers, alcoholics, and overweight people. The group argued that individuals may lower their risk by engaging in healthier practices.

Alterations in bowel patterns; passing blood; diarrhea; constipation; weight loss; and persistent stomach discomfort, pains, or cramps are all possible symptoms.

Symptoms of colorectal polyps and colorectal cancer are not always present, particularly in the early stages, hence frequent screening starting at age 45 is recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a means of prevention.

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