At the Tokyo Game Show 2022, AEW will host live bouts.

Live AEW battles will be held at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the company has stated. Visitors to the expo will not only get to try out a version of  Fight Forever but also see some live demonstration battles involving All Elite Wrestling stars.

In addition, Japanese wrestling announcer Haruo Murata teased some big news by tweeting earlier today that Fight Forever will be on exhibit during the event. Google Translate translates his message as follows: “[Tokyo Game Show 2022] at Makuhari Messe, September 16th through September 18th.” #AEW The ‘AEW FIGHT FOREVER‘ professional wrestling video game has concluded for the first time.

AEW to Present Live Matches at Tokyo Game Show

It was a good rehearsal, and the fact that I was there helped a lot. If you look to the far right of the THQ booth picture, beyond the partition, you’ll see… “#ddtpro” and “#tjpw” are hashtags for the Digital Design and Technology Professional and The Digital Journalist Perhaps tomorrow we will have some news to share!

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It has not yet revealed its convention roster. To add to the list of those currently in Japan, Kenny Omega is also there.