Music Critic Anthony Fantano, Drake Responds to Fake Direct Messages Leaked.

Critic Anthony Fantano isn’t Drizzy’s greatest fan, having panned his most recent albums and criticized his lack of effort.

As a result, it was shocking when the YouTuber said, “Drake Slid Into My DMs” and attached images purporting to show the claimed exchanges. โ€œAnthony! “It’s Drizzy,” read the opening line of the alleged Drake message. “I understand that you are not the greatest fan of most of my albums and that our musical tastes are fundamentally different.

Drake then allegedly thanked Anthony Fantano via text message for his “nice remarks” about Taking Care and If You’re Reading This. However, the reality is that this is how things are. Have faith that the next one will be more to your liking.”

The dialogue then takes an unexpected turn as it seems that Drake has sent the reviewer a vegan cookie recipe. In a video posted on his channel “The Needle Drop,” Fantano addressed the remarks from the rap superstar.

Drake Responds To Anthony Fantano

However, Drake eventually came clean about the actual texts he wrote to Anthony Fantano a couple of hours after the video was released. He shared his own screenshots on Instagram Stories, but there was no sign of a cookie receipt, vegan or otherwise.

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Drake made fun of Fantano’s star rating and offered him a negative review of his own. The very fact of your existence is a bright 1. And the reason you are still here is that you are the 1. Also, “since you married a black chick.”

Drake Claps Back At Music Critic Anthony Fantano For Leaking Fake DMs

After first downplaying his feelings, he doubled down in his last communication to Fantano, writing, “I’m experiencing a light to good 1 on your existence.”

Drake did not specify what led him to contact Anthony Fantano, although it’s possible he was compelled to do so after learning about Fantano’s Honestly Nevermind evaluation.

After listening to Drake’s latest album, Fantano rated it “not good,” citing an “increasing feeling of complacency” in his music. This is Drake’s worst attempt yet, according to Fantano. He clearly didn’t care about this album and it shows. The song is monotonous, poorly recorded, poorly performed, and terribly underwritten.

In spite of this, Fantano enjoyed the attention and said he lived “rent free” in the mind of the Toronto native Drake.