Michael Pitt, a veteran of Boardwalk Empire, was taken to the hospital after an odd incident prompted a 911 call.

Boardwalk Empire was mostly Steve Buscemi’s series from start to end, but Michael Pitt had an important part as Jimmy Darmody, the protégé-turned-enemy of Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson, in the first few seasons of the crime thriller. Pitt has featured in a number of other high-profile movies in the 11 years after his departure from Boardwalk Empire (which you can view with an HBO Max membership). But now Pitt is in the headlines not for his professional work, but because he was taken to the hospital after his bizarre conduct prompted a 911 call.

New York City police were notified last Friday that a man named Michael Pitt was reportedly hurling things at passers-by in Bushwick, Brooklyn, perhaps from a building’s rooftop. Police responded quickly to the call, and Pitt was taken into custody; however, he was not charged with any wrongdoing and was instead sent to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment since he was considered mentally unstable.

Boardwalk Empire Vet Michael Pitt Was Hospitalized

TMZ obtained video of Pitt being strapped to a gurney and being transported to what seemed to be an ambulance. The website said that Pitt appeared “dazed,” “first gazing up at the sky, then tilting his head to the side as he silently rests on the stretcher.”

Michael Pitt Strange Behavior

Michael Pitt has been the subject of news coverage in this part of New York City before. The former Boardwalk Empire star was arrested in July on charges of assault and petty larceny after he allegedly punched a guy many times in the head and stole his phone. The victim reportedly sustained just minor injuries. Uncertainty surrounds Pitt’s present hospitalized status; nevertheless, New York law limits the length of an involuntary psychiatric stay to no more than 72 hours unless the hospital seeks a court for an extension, at which point the hold may extend to no more than 60 days.

Michael Pitt had roles in films including Finding Forrester and Hedwig and the Angry Itch before joining Boardwalk Empire. He also guest-starred on Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek as Henry Parker. The arrival of Boardwalk Empire reconnected him with Steve Buscemi, who he had previously worked with on the film Delirious in 2006. Returning from World War I, Jimmy Darmody first joined Nucky Thompson’s gang in Boardwalk Empire.

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Eventually, though, he went his own way and worked to bring Thompson’s criminal empire down. In the second season finale, Nucky shot and killed Jimmy, putting an end to their dispute. Pitt missed the last three seasons of Boardwalk Empire, yet he was able to precisely predict the show’s demise months before it really aired for the last time in late 2014.

Michael Pitt was Hospitalized

After leaving Boardwalk Empire, Michael Pitt acted in films such as Seven Psychopaths, Criminal, and Ghost in the Shell. He also guest-starred as Mason Verger in three episodes of the cult classic television series Hannibal (which Hulu subscribers can stream). Currently, he may be seen in Apple TV+’s Lisey’s Story, which is based on the Stephen King book of the same name, as the recurring character Andrew Landon. Two of Pitt’s next films, Reptile and Black Files, seem promising, but for now, let’s all cross our fingers that the actor can get the mental health care he so desperately needs.

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