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Christie Brinkley and Her 24-Year-Old Daughter Lookalike Sailor, Outside the Michael Kors Fashion Show

With a twist, Sailor Brinkley Cook looks just like her mother. She posted pictures of her updated Instagram feed.

Sailor Brinkley Cook looks much like her beautiful mother. The former swimsuit supermodel Christie Brinkley, 68, was spotted attending the Michael Kors presentation at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, September 14, with her daughter, who was seen holding hands with her mother and looking radiant.

Furthermore, they had a striking resemblance to one another. In contrast to Christie Brinkley, who wore a pale pink lace midi column dress with a matching jacket and bare feet, Sailor embraced her inner Bariecore with a bright pink midi dress and white heels. Both of them were rocking Christie’s trademark blonde waves.

The mother and daughter looked eerily similar to one another as they sat together on the runway and smiled for the camera. Christie Brinkley posed and smiled for the camera on her own in a number of additional shots. And in a third, they stood shoulder to shoulder while holding hands.

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Christie Brinkley, 68, with mini-me daughter Sailor, 24, at Michael Kors

Sailor’s uncanny likeness to her mother has been pointed up before. The younger model debuted new bangs in August, which further emphasized her twin status among her followers on Instagram. She uploaded four photographs of her new look with the cheeky statement, “Sometimes you just must bang.”

Sailor’s father is Christie’s ex-husband Peter Cook, and she appears to have stepped into her mother’s modeling shoes with ease. Even though she flaunts her figure in skimpy bikinis on a daily basis, she really lacked self-assurance in the beginning.

Christie Brinkley told PEOPLE magazine in September 2017: “I grew up staring at these photographs of my mom, never imagining that I would ever be able to accomplish that.” When I’m just starting out, and she’s already had a long and fruitful career, it’s hard to hear comparisons to her. And to have others tell you, “You’ll never be as successful as she is.” Not that I’m aspiring to copy her or anything. But other than that, I’m OK. “I’m not sensitive to any of this,” she went on. Says the young woman, “It was just such a bizarre experience for me since I’ve looked up to all the SI models and my mom – they’ve always been my heroes.”

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