Over 25 years, Carly Terzigni has visited Disney World. My favourite Epcot ride is hidden.

Disney World is packed with thrilling rides and shows, such as the classic Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and the acclaimed Expedition Everest.

Still, I like to take my time and relax during Disney trips.

My favorite ride at Disney World has always been in a quiet corner of Epcot’s Land Pavilion; I’ve been visiting there since I was a child, and it never gets old.

Not the well-known Soarin’ Around the World, but rather the offbeat Living With the Land.

Disney World Land

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You’ll learn a lot about farming on this educational ride.

As visitors of the slow-moving boat trip Living With the Land make their way through a simulated rainstorm, they enter a state of near-zen calm.

Next, you’ll be transported to a functional greenhouse at Disney, where you’ll be given a tour as part of an agricultural trip through the history of farming.

In this section of Epcot, visitors may stroll by a variety of fruits and vegetables that are really gathered and served in a number of Epcot restaurants, all while learning about how Disney employs innovative farming methods including hydroponics, aquaculture, and vertical-growing systems.

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To others, Disney World may seem dull, but I find it to be just what I need to unwind.

Compared to the more exciting rides, the attraction may sound dull. Walking tens of thousands of steps in the hot Florida heat has its benefits, but there’s also something to be said about a leisurely 15-minute boat trip during which your only real task is to admire the scenery.

Disney World Ride

Aside from that, the wait time is usually rather low for Living With the Land since it is not the most popular attraction at Epcot.

Living With the Land is an Epcot attraction that you shouldn’t miss the next time you visit.

Living With the Land is the perfect ride for anyone who needs a respite from the heat, wishes to get off their feet, or has an interest in flora.

If you still want more, you can pay $35 to take a unique walking tour of the greenhouses known as Behind the Seeds.