“Jeopardy!” Viewers Rally Around “Gutted” Runner-Up Who Bounced Final-Judgment Wager

On Tuesday’s (September 13) edition of Jeopardy!, a competitor suffered a devastating defeat. April Marquet got the right answer in Final Jeopardy, but she lost the game because of a botched gamble.

Despite facing the three-day champion Luigi de Guzman, the digital production artist maintained her $16,600 advantage. Meanwhile, her rival earned just $15,700, putting her in the red.

Question: “Prince Philip’s titles included Baron Greenwich and Duke of Edinburgh, but not Prince Consort, last used by this king.” This precipitated the dramatic change of events.

The right answer was rung in by both Marquet and de Guzman, who both said “Prince Albert,” although Marquet only bet $1,801, bringing her total to $18,401. On the other hand, de Guzman risked $15,699 and ended up with $31,399.

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Marquet, “gutted,” admitted her error on Reddit: “My wager was a major mistake.” Even in the last group, I was sure of my answer. While scribbling on scrap paper, I got sidetracked and forgot that I wanted to cover Luigi’s possible final total by a dollar. I quickly discovered my mistake after submitting my wager.


She said, “As you may know, there is a confirmation button beside the bet box on a contestant’s screen, and once you hit that button, the wager is locked in with few exceptions. We had enough prior warning. I felt like a complete failure because of my careless mistake.

Many viewers took to social media to express their approval of the competitor.

Sad April. One player said, “You could see she was quite concerned and recognized her error in not wagering more.” She probably thought, “I’ll never live this down,” and I agree. Because I have never been in her position, I will refrain from passing judgment. I’d be scared out of my mind.

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A second participant chimed in, “Great episode of #Jeopardy tonight. April has my deepest sympathy. Excellent prospect for a future comeback competition.

Some people, though, weren’t feeling the same level of regret.


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“Wow. “April made a poor bet and will repent that one for a time,” one admirer said.

Another person who had no empathy wrote, “You need to go home April… just return home.

A user was curious about the contestant’s emotional response to her defeat, so they posed the question, “Is April really crying?” Someone said, “That’s horrible sportsmanship,” while someone another supported her, saying, “She lost $30,000 on a minor error, I’d weep too.”