After an awkward radio interview, Ryan Fitzpatrick exploded in anger over reports of an injury.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is most remembered by fans as the gregarious, good-natured guy who wore flashy accessories like sunglasses and gold chains to press conferences after games in Tampa. Like, maybe, the Buffalonian who watches a playoff game without a shirt.

While completing interviews for his new Thursday night TV role, the new Amazon Prime Video pregame analyst revealed a different side of his personality.

Former quarterback Dan Le Batard was recently interviewed by the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz when co-host Jon Weiner (aka Stugotz) questioned him about claims that his injury from last season was precipitated by an incident at a water park during the season. This caused everyone to feel quite uncomfortable and the interview to finish far too soon.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Ryan Fitzpatrick Dan Le Batard interview

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played for 17 seasons in the league and started games for nine different teams, recently joined Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football and did press with several major sports shows, including the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, to promote his new role.

Stugotz posed the topic that would turn out to be embarrassing at the tail end of a lighthearted, casual chat between the hosts and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Lightheartedly relevant to the program, Stugotz asked Ryan Fitzpatrick what he believed was a stupid question regarding Washington sports radio callers suggesting the quarterback was harmed at a water park in the D.C. region before his Week 1 hip injury that ended his season and career.

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Stugotz added, “Ryan Fitzpatrick, so there were multiple stories last year that you had harmed yourself last year before the season on a waterslide.” These claims came from listeners to a radio station in Washington, D.C. And if the reports are accurate, you shouldn’t be doing that before the NFL season starts, in my opinion. So, please tell me whether these are genuine or dispel the rumors once and for all. Did your professional life come to an end on a waterslide?

The interview took a sudden and uncomfortable turn there.

Fitzpatrick got tense and awkward with the ‘Dan Le Batard Show’ crew

Dan Le Batard, dressed as the WWE wrestler Kane, attempted to lighten the mood by making even more jokes.

The question is posed, “How does Ryan Fitzpatrick approach a waterslide?” So, Le Batard enquired. Is it a headfirst dive? The stomach? Tell me, how’s this one going?

We can go on to anything else,” Fitzpatrick spat at the deadpan comment.

The show’s presenters exploded in anger, shouting at Stugotz for going too far with his “water flume buffoonery” and making another attempt to diffuse the heated situation.

Unfortunately, at that time, the interview was over.

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When there was another pause, Fitzpatrick informed Le Bartard that he was relieved the interview “isn’t on Zoom right now,” likely so that no one could see his expression of irritation. And he said the program “doesn’t make a whole lot of sense” since it relies on “gotcha” journalism.

Le Batard took the charge seriously and issued a sincere apology. For a few awkward seconds, Fitzpatrick let the apology linger before cutting off the conversation.

The ultimate journeyman QB is part of the first-ever streaming service-exclusive pregame show

Strangest of all, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is now a member of the media, stated this as an explanation for his bizarre response to a joke question during the interview.

In an exclusive deal beginning on Thursday, September 15, Amazon Prime Video will show all Thursday Night Football games. For the first time ever, a collection of NFL games will be offered exclusively via a streaming service.

Former NFL players Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, and Fitzpatrick, as well as writer Michael Smith, will be joining presenter Charissa Thompson for the pregame show.

Kirk Herbstreit and Al Michaels will be calling the games themselves.

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With Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs taking on Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers to open off Week 2, Thursday Night Football on Amazon has a terrific matchup.

Let’s hope Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Amazon pregame show (airing tonight at 7 pm ET) is more entertaining than his chat with Dan Le Batard. God willing, Charissa Thompson won’t bother him with questions about water slides.