To Aryn Drake-Lee, Jesse Williams’ ex-wife: The silence I have maintained for too long is unacceptable.

The divorce and child custody battle between actors Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee has been going on since 2017. Wow, the past really does seem like another universe. Although Jesse has recently attracted attention for… well, other things, the settlement matters have been quietly simmering in the background.

In 2019, they settled on a custody and support arrangement, although Jesse Williams asked for a decrease in support the previous year because of his newfound Broadway success and lower salary. (Though, according to IMDB and Sarah Drew, he did appear on an episode of Grey’s last season and will appear in at least one this season.)

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee settle child custody request

With Jesse Williams’s approaching the second run of Take Me Out in New York and Aryn and the kids situated in Los Angeles, he has now requested an emergency hearing for custody. She stated on Instagram that she is done keeping quiet and that she has proof, while he claims she is breaching the court order and inflicting emotional harm.

Jesse Williams’ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee

From October to January, New York will host Jesse’s performances. Moreover, he requests visitation with his children every month for a total of four days. Aryn’s point of view, expressed in an Instagram post, is reasonable; it is excessive to travel across the nation for a visit of just four days. It’s a lot for grownups (I can’t do it unless it’s part of my job) and it’s especially challenging for kids that young. It’s already a lot when you consider that the students are expected to show up for class upon their return from these excursions. Surely there’s a middle ground here; maybe over the extended Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays?

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Jesse Williams may just want to spend time with his children, but even if we provide him the benefit of the doubt and assume he is sincere, it is difficult to accept his side given that he left Grey’s Anatomy voluntarily and that his child support is now less than 25% of what it was. I get that you’re tired of your work, but man, you have a family to support. Raises the bar. So that’s why Kevin McKidd is still around, I guess.

Jesse Williams’ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee Child custody

We can see from Aryn’s article that she’s frustrated beyond belief and that there’s more to the story than what we’ve been told so far; she says Jesse wants things to happen when it’s convenient for him, at the cost of the children. His advocacy and appearance on Grey’s Anatomy make me want to like him, but every time he does this kind of thing, my feelings against him deteriorate.


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