Exclusive to ‘The Woman King’: Find Out What Question Had John Boyega Bouncing Off the Walls

The Woman King News: In an interview with Global Grind’s senior content director Janeé Bolden, Sheila Atim, John Boyega, and Lashana Lynch discussed what it was like to be in the company of so many accomplished Black women in the arts. John Boyega was almost dancing in his seat as he spoke about seeing the rest of the actors prepare for their parts.

Sheila Atim talks about how making “The Woman King” filled her with wonder and happiness.

There were times when I glanced at the screens… you look around at all the Black ladies and think to yourself, This is me; this is what I’m doing.” Amenza, played by Sheila Atim, revealed to Global Grind that her boss, General Nanisca (Viola Davis), is a fan of the show.


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“It was great to be there in person, but seeing it through a lens would really drive home the point that this is going to be a part of a gigantic picture that will be seen on a massive screen. I couldn’t contain my elation at the thought of it being broadcast all over the globe, of people sitting down with their popcorn and sodas to watch us after we’d been framed, edited, and graded. Wow, we really deserve this, I thought. I’m ecstatic that this is happening, and I pray there are many more opportunities like this in our future.

Sheila Atim was inspired by seeing so many strong Black women on television, but Lashana Lynch told us she drew inspiration from the more nurturing aspect of the sisterhood she saw on set.

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Lashana Lynch Recounts Emotional Hair Braiding Scene from ‘The Woman King’

Lashana Lynch, who portrays Izogie, told Global Grind, I noticed that even the term power, among Black women, that there is a deeper depth in it.” At one moment, Izogie tries to communicate her feelings towards another character by braiding their hair. I now see that I lacked the words to say it.”


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There were a lot of personalities where I was thinking, “Maybe she can fix her hair?” Perhaps if she oiled her head, it would help. Perhaps if she did something different with her hair, she would feel better about herself. remembered Lynch. Because of all the love that is contained inside. We’re familiar with the atmosphere of salons and barbershops. We share ideas, we teach one another, and we learn from one another in this community.

As an actress, I felt a strong need to portray the importance of sisterhood, mentoring, and encouraging young Black women to reach their full potential at that moment. I’m excited for everyone to see it and witness the range of interactions possible among Black women of varying ages. Many times while watching this film did I think about women’s power, and I appreciated the subtlety of the lessons I took away from it.


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The production of “The Woman King” included John Boyega’s sister in a key role: that of his personal assistant.

John Boyega portrays King Ghezo, a historical character who governed the Kingdom of Dahomey, in the film “The Woman King.” We asked Boyega how it felt to work with so many strong Black women, and he literally danced in his chair as he described the delight he had while watching his costars prepare for their scenes.

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John Boyega said to Global Grind, “I appreciated simply being there and witnessing everyone in their environment, everybody training, engaged and devoted in their profession. On top of that, I was able to see the impact on my sister’s identity as a Black woman via her role as my assistant on the project.

The Woman King Release Date

When you were all grooving to that music. For me, it’s uplifting to watch the actresses embrace the culture that Gina Prince-Bythewood has intentionally instilled into the show. From behind the lens, I was encouraging the ladies to “get it, get it.”

He then turned to Lashana and Sheila and said, “You all were going in.” Equally viola. I’ll never forget the day the choreographer had to give you a crash course right on set. They suddenly realized what to do, and for the next hour everyone was dancing about like crazy; I still can’t believe I get to see this. That doesn’t happen very often on sets, I assure you.