Ezra Miller Thought They Were the Messiah, That the Flash Was Jesus Christ of All the Worlds

A new article outlines the troubling downward slide of the actor over the previous two years, including Ezra Miller’s belief that they were “the Messiah,” which comes a month after Ezra Miller said they would undergo therapy to cope with “complicated mental health concerns.”

Miller’s mental state deteriorated in March 2020, at the start of Covid-19, when production on their film projects, including the Fantastic Beasts sequel, was put to a standstill, as reported by Vanity Fair. Miller went to Iceland with “no plan,” where the actor’s problems first made news when they were caught on camera strangling a lady in Reykjavik.

Ezra Miller Believed They Were the Messiah

Miller, who was supposedly going through a rough patch following his parents’ divorce, traveled to Iceland with a 55-year-old South Dakota medicine man and “spiritual counselor” called Jasper Young Bear, who told Miller the actor was messianic and that “demons” were chasing him.

Ezra Miller Believed They Were the Messiah

“[Miller would] speak about the metaverse and the medication and how they’re the Messiah and what [their] job is here,” a source claimed. Ezra Miller prefers they/them pronouns, so we updated the quote in Rolling Stone to reflect that. They claim that socializing with others is an important element of their spiritual practice. So, [they] basically spent their whole time out in Iceland. Rave parties, where they would “bend for two or three days,” were a particular favorite.

Once back in the United States, Ezra Miller fell into even more trouble in both Vermont (where social services investigated the actor’s farm) and Hawaii (where he was jailed on counts ranging from disorderly conduct to second-degree assault).

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According to a source, Ezra Miller frequently confused himself with his on-screen alter ego, “claiming that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus,” and kept figurines of the DC superhero they portray, the Flash, on an altar at his Vermont farm, which he called “the Mountain.”

A prior report by Rolling Stone cited two anonymous people who said that significant marijuana usage occurred on the farm in plain view of the youngsters without any regard for safety precautions like ventilation. According to social media posts by Miller’s “handyman” and close friend Whitney Suters, the two operate a cannabis enterprise called Rebel Alliance Cannabis, which has prompted Rolling Stone to conclude that there is huge cannabis growing on Miller’s property.


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Close friends at the Mountain were worried about Miller’s fixation with drugs (“medicine,” they called it) and weaponry; one of them recalled seeing Miller burn sage in the barrel of an AR-15. In January 2022, Ezra Miller left on a vacation during which they posted the now-famous video in which they threatened to murder members of the KKK in North Carolina. Miller’s mother Marta and other pals reportedly put down their firearms after that.

On the table in front of the entrance was a large bow with an arrow primed and ready. A friend of Miller’s said to Vanity Fair, “Ezra Miller was laying on the floor, face down.” Everyone in the home is constantly around. They had all locked up the firearms, leaving just Ezra, who was quite inebriated, to defend themselves with a bow and arrow. “And Ezra was really freaking out over it.”

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A Warner Bros. executive and a DC Comics official reportedly discussed Miller’s future with the company after his arrest history made headlines in April.

Ezra Miller Actor

Ezra Miller finally apologized in person to WB executives, promising to check into a treatment clinic after his actions jeopardized the survival of The Flash, or Jesus of the universe, as he referred to the character.

The 29-year-old actor’s Vermont property was raided by authorities over safety concerns for a young mother and her three children, according to a story in Rolling Stone published days before the announcement that Miller had checked into a treatment facility.

Having just gone through a moment of extreme turmoil, I now recognize that I am suffering from complicated mental health difficulties and have commenced continuing therapy, the statement reads. I’m sorry if my prior actions have caused anybody unnecessary anxiety or distress. I am determined to put in the time and effort required to restore my life to a state of wellness, security, and fruitful activity.