Season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars”: Sam Champion tweets “HELP” and a sneak peek at his rehearsals

California, Los Angeles Sam Champion, host of “Good Morning America” and recipient of many Emmy Awards, is set to wow the judges and viewers with his dancing abilities in “Dancing with the Stars” Season 31 on Disney+. The champion will be partnered with professional dancer Cheryl Burke. Interestingly, Sam Champion posted a plea for assistance on his Instagram account with a sneak peek at his work in progress for the upcoming season premiere.

Sam Champion is reaching out to his fan base for support and providing sneak peeks into his training for the dancing reality show as the season’s debut draws near.

Sam Champion asks fans for help

Dancing with the Stars Cast, Sam Champion

On September 15, Sam Champion uploaded a video to his verified Instagram account. He began the video off by saying “hello” to the audience. It was Sam who said, “Hi. I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep. Obviously, I felt compelled to tell you this. Right now, my life is a total disaster “.

Sam Champion elaborated on how, as a journalist, he had prepared for storms, tornadoes, and floods. To be fair, he has never really prepared for anything like this before. As Sam stated, “I’ve prepared for storms, tornadoes, floods, and more. The problem is that I haven’t prepared any bags for this “.

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Sam Champion also reached out to the audience for assistance, asking for any last-minute tips or advice he may need. He let everyone see how he was training for the dancing competition. He said he would be bringing shoes, a bag full of t-shirts, his workout gear (including a foam roller and balls for knots and pain, stretching bands, toiletries, a tuxedo, an electric shaver, a pair of dress pants, a pair of dress shirts, shorts, a dancing shirt, a Nike yoga shirt, and so on), and so on. Said Sam, “Messy workplace. Sorry I had to show you how cluttered everything is.

Dancing with the Stars Season 31

Contrast this with the sneakers I have here and the gym bag you see there. And I’ve already begun utilizing it, so this is quite significant. Use the roller and the balls to work out the knots and relieve the discomfort. This is a set of stretching bands in a bag. Everybody’s suitcases are out of the closet and strewn across the floor. Shaving with an electric razor; wearing shorts is mandatory since you’re in Los Angeles. Those tops are Nike’s yoga wear. They are comfortable enough for all sorts of movement, so I can wear them to the gym or out dancing, and they look great with jeans. Suit. A suit is a must “.

Sam also requested feedback from his audience on what they’d like to see added. He chuckled after reading the fan responses and thanked them for their assistance, noting that he now has a greater awareness of his need for underwear and socks. Said Sam, “Underwear. The utmost gratitude to you, gentlemen. There is no underwear or socks in my house. That would not have been a terrific place to be in right.”


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The debut of Season 31 of “Dancing with the Stars” will air on Disney+ on September 19, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.