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The return of This Morning has Eamonn Holmes eager to poke fun at Holly and Phil’s queue fight.

For 15 years, Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth hosted This Morning on ITV. Now, the show’s hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been caught in a controversy when some viewers mistook their actions for an attempt to get in line to visit the Queen.

During the reaction to the false idea that Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield had skipped the line to visit the Queen laying in state, Eamonn Holmes took a sly jab at the two hosts.

Even while celebrities like David Beckham waited in the same long lines as the general people to pay their respects to the Queen at Westminster Abbey on Friday, a picture that purported to show the This Morning presenters in a fast track line sparked widespread criticism.

But a statement released by This Morning yesterday said that Holly, 41, and Philip, 60, were at the abbey to record a part for the programme that will run tomorrow and did not cut in line, thus the rumours were unfounded.

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The 62-year-old former anchor of This Morning liked a tweet from Saturday that asked, “Does this mean we can have @EamonnHolmes and @RuthieeL back on @thismorning please?” in response to the reaction. A praying hands emoji was used as the tweet’s last graphic.

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Following 15 years as hosts of This Morning, Ruth and Eamonn Holmes were let go in the year 2020.

Not only did they present the Friday morning show when Holly and Phil weren’t around, but they also filled in for them while they were out of town.

Ruth remained a staple on the ITV panel programme Loose Women, while Eamonn moved on to GB News.

Her return to This Morning, after an absence of over a year, co-hosting with her friend Rylan, was met with much enthusiasm by the show’s audience.

In a June interview with the Mirror, Eamonn Holmes said he had stopped watching This Morning because it had become “too delicate” for him to handle.

Eamonn Holmes said that people often stop them on the street to inquire why they aren’t still hosting the programme.

When asked whether he still listens, he responded: “Because it’s just too… delicate. Every time I leave the house, people ask me why Ruth and I aren’t together anymore.”

This Morning had to release a statement amid demands for Holly and Phil, who have hosted the programme since 2009, to resign and brutal abuse.

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According to the statement, which was posted on the show’s Instagram, “We’d want to set the record straight, so to speak.

“For the Tuesday night show, we enlisted Phillip and Holly to appear in a film.

They were there in their official position as members of the international media to report on the ceremony; they did not cut in line, get special treatment, or bypass security to see the Queen laying in state.

On Friday, a picture emerged of Holly and Philip standing in a black-clad line, presumably before they filmed a piece for This Morning.

At about 10 a.m., the couple was seen in Westminster Hall on the BBC News live broadcast.”

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