AdrianahLee shows an old film of Mizkif admitting CrazySlick’s s*xual assault.

The streaming community has seen yet another issue unfold today as AdrianahLee, a Twitch streamer, spoke up about her experience with s*xual abuse at the hands of content producer CrazySlick.

About halfway into the show, the streamer aired footage from a year ago in which Matthew “Mizkif” seemed to both confess and seek to minimize his attack on CrazySlick.

A Twitch broadcaster named AdrianahLee responds to an old tape of Mizkif dismissing CrazySlick’s sexual harassment.

Twitch streamer AdrianahLee plays an old clip featuring Mizkif

Following ItsSliker’s gambling and “scamming” issue, Twitch stars Tyler “Trainwreckstv” and Mizkif got into a fiasco on Twitter on September 20.

Who is Crazyslick

In the aftermath of some back-and-forth, Trainwrecks accused Mizkif of protecting CrazySlick, Mizkif’s roommate, from being punished for an alleged s*xual assault.

After this, broadcaster AdrianahLee discussed the topic on her Twitch channel. She said that while she was unconscious, CrazySlick kept his hands on her chest and claimed to be “monitoring her pulse.”

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One fan posted an older video of Mizkif’s on YouTube in which he discussed CrazySlick around the 1:40 mark. There was a clip of a streamer stating something like:

I don’t believe any of our old friends have cut ties with Slick as a result of what transpired, but I’m willing to be wrong. That’s what I’ve come to believe, anyhow. Because when push comes to shove, it’s really sex harassment, right?

It “did not matter on a tiny scale,” the co-founder of One True King (OTK) said.