True Stories of ‘Monster’ Jeffrey Dahmer’s Killings and the Mysteries of His Long Escape from Justice

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Real-Life Murders News: For the upcoming Netflix show, Evan Peters plays the role of the serial murderer.

Monster, starring Evan Peters as Dahmer, is a new Netflix series that explores the life of the serial killer.

Several movies and TV series have been based on Dahmer, and the name of the serial killer appears in a Kesha song. The horrors performed by Dahmer were some of the most grisly and horrible in American history, but they were the stuff of fantasies for true crime junkies.

Learn more about the guy behind Monster: Dahmer, but be warned that the content might be upsetting to some readers.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer known for?

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Life Murders

Dahmer was a serial murderer and sexual predator who preyed on young males. He was prolific in his crimes and exceptionally savage in his methods. Beyond the already horrifying acts of murder and rape that Dahmer committed, we now learn that he was necrophilic, dismembered, cannibalized, and even tried to reanimate his victims.

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people?

Although there are many hypotheses as to why Dahmer turned to cannibalism, no one will ever know for sure. Dr. Eric Hickley, a forensic psychologist, told A&E, “Cannibals tend to feel incredibly uncomfortable and can’t establish regular relationships.” Because their victims are trapped in their bodies, eating them gives them a feeling of superiority.

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According to Dr. Hickley, most cannibals take pains to ensure that their victims’ deaths are swift and easy.

They’re not like Ted Bundy in that they don’t care whether their victim suffers. Dr. Hickley said, “They’re not searching for sadism.” All they care about is getting their hands on a body.

Cannibalism is a sexual and personal act for individuals who engage in it, says Dr. Hickley.

The perpetrator is playing out a dream of closeness and connection with the victim, he said, adding that this is true of every killing. They begin to engage in voyeurism and necrophilia fantasies, and in the process of doing so, they investigate these sexually explicit practices. Typically, individuals don’t go straight from murdering to eating. Watching people sleep is the first step, then doping up on victims, and finally wanting to be with someone who is dead or unconscious is the next.


How many people did Jeffrey Dahmer eat?

It is unknown how many of his victims Dahmer really consumed. At the time of his capture, he had the bodies of seventeen people in his freezer, and he confessed to eating parts of his victims, including their hearts, thighs, and at least one bicep.

How did the police locate Dahmer?

Dahmer was apprehended after he reportedly offered money to a guy named Tracy Edwards to stay at his residence. A butcher knife in Dahmer’s hand, he followed Edwards into a bedroom as he attempted to escape. Edwards escaped and waved down a police cruiser, where he detailed the event and where he found the knife in Dahmer’s bedroom.

When police searched Dahmer’s chamber, they discovered photos he had taken of the mutilated and dead bodies of his victims. After a tragic history of letting him get away with it in the past, they made an immediate arrest of Dahmer.


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Who knows whether Jeffrey Dahmer still exists or not?

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer passed away in jail. His body was cremated, and his loved ones were handed the ashes.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do for a living?

Dahmer worked in many different fields during the course of his life. He enlisted in the military in 1979 but was eventually let go because his drunkenness made him an ineffective medic. First, he was a phlebotomist, then he worked at a sandwich store. It took him two years of joblessness before he found work in the chocolate industry.

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What did Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad say about him?

In an interview with Larry King Live, Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel, said that he had always thought his son was a normal, though timid, young man, but that he now believes the warning to “look out for the quiet ones” is true. Lionel observed that Jeffrey’s obsession with roadkill and cruelty to animals was the sole indication that he may not have been mentally stable.

'Monster' Jeffrey Dahmer

Had I been aware of the dead animal on the road, I would have acted immediately. Stopped and added, Don’t dismiss timidity,” Lionel urged. Something may be brewing in that child’s head. Dig. … I just wasn’t aware of it; being a psychologist wasn’t something you learned in school in the 1950s and 1960s, certainly not for guys.

How old was Jeffrey Dahmer?

At the age of eighteen, Dahmer killed for the first time after picking up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and bringing him back to his father’s house, where he bludgeoned Hicks over the head with a ten-pound dumbbell.

When Dahmer passed away, he was 34 years old.

Is Dahmer still alive?

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer passed away in jail.