First India gets ‘One Piece Film Red’ India will get the newest anime series before the US 2022.

There has been widespread acclaim for the One Piece anime film series across the globe. As part of their exclusive agreement with ODEX, PVR Pictures will release the next edition of the series in Indian theatres on October 7, 2022. The film will have its world premiere in India before it opens anywhere else, including the United States.

New One Piece Film Red Movie Gets a Release Date

In “One Piece Film Red,” the 15th installment of the series, we learn about Uta, a famous singer with a mysterious past and an equally impressive disguise. In spite of the fact that Uta’s trip starts with the revelation that she is, in fact, Red-Haired Shanks‘ daughter, she insists that she will expose her true identity to the world during a performance.

One Piece Film Red Release Date

What happens next is when the journey really becomes interesting for her many supporters, especially the titular Straw Hat Pirates.

The film’s first two days of release saw it earn about US$16.7 million and place it at the top of the Japanese box office. At this time, it has sold the most copies of any film in the series.

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One Piece Film Red is best appreciated in its full cinematic form on the big screen, where its stunning graphics and thrilling action moments can really shine.

On October 7, 2022, PVR Pictures will release One Piece Film Red in India.