Paula Abdul

For Kelly Clarkson’s Walk of Fame Induction, Paula Abdul rescheduled her flight and arrived just in time.

Paula Abdul praised Kelly Clarkson during her Hollywood Walk of Fame induction, “You altered everyone’s life.”

Paula Abdul wouldn’t miss Kelly Clarkson‘s performance.

The daytime talk show host, 40, was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, and all three original American Idol judges gathered to express their support.

Paula Abdul Changes Flight for Kelly Clarkson Walk of Fame Ceremony

Abdul, 60, praised Clarkson, the inaugural Idol winner 20 years ago, during her remarks. “To be here, I altered my flight. It’s irreplaceable. Kelly, you’ve improved your life and everyone else’s.”

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Abdul interrupted Cowell’s address to compliment Clarkson’s “talent,” “tenacity,” “grace,” and “dignity.”

Clarkson remarked “even if I had to sit next to a British man,” he joked. To my right, a great dude.”

Paula Abdul: “In my wildest fantasies, I never imagined being part of a concert that altered the world. You’re living evidence every day, and I’d corner her in the elevator to ask, “Where did you receive your training?” I adore you, an opera singer.”

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Thanks, Abdul “For changing my life and helping me believe in Santa Claus. Young talent can make it huge.”

She told Clarkson, “the loveliest person,” she can’t wait to watch what she does in the next decade.

Paula Abdul Changed Her Flight to Be at Kelly Clarkson's Walk of Fame

Clarkson’s fame soon followed.

Clarkson recalled her “priceless” Idol triumph on Sept. 4.

The family and connections I’ve made through music and television are invaluable, she added. “We only get so many journeys around the sun, and although I am proud of my triumphs and failings, I am most proud and thankful for my friends who have become family, for their arms that have held me when I needed it, and for their hearts that have listened to me when I felt lost. I’d be nowhere without them. Probably not.”