Taylor Swift: “Track 13: Because of Course” Is the First ‘Midnights’ Song Title Revealed

I’m not going to deny that I often provide you with cryptic hints and easter eggs while discussing new music, but I also won’t apologize for it.

Taylor Swift is aware that she has a reputation for leaving clues for her devoted followers to find in her songs and social media posts. However, such is not the case with her current activities.

Taylor Swift Is Posting Something ‘Midnights’ Related on TikTok

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At midnight on Wednesday, September 21st, she posted a TikTok with the headline “Midnights Mayhem With Me,” signaling that she was ready to offer her followers some straight talk. There was a gold lottery-ball cage next to the famous singer/songwriter, with ping-pong balls numbered 1 through 13 to reflect the songs on her upcoming Midnights album (due out on October 21). She wore a mustard jacket and sat in front of a brown crushed-velvet background.

Taylor Swift begins the tape by admitting that she has a “habit of sprinkling cryptic hints and easter eggs” while discussing her new music releases with fans. “Hello, and welcome to what I’m calling “Midnights Mayhem With Me.” I’m going to let chance determine the sequence in which I announce the song titles using this high-tech gadget.

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Taylor Swift then takes the first ball from the hoop and, well, what do you know? Swift’s infamous lucky number is 13, therefore this is the thirteenth track. Laughing, she picks up a red phone and announces into the receiver, “Track 13 is named ‘Mastermind.'”

At least she isn’t being coy about anything this time, but that’s all the info fans are getting for the time being.

The Midnights’ Setlist Is Here! Closed captioning is available for this TikTok video. To start off, let me introduce you to Midnight Mayhem with Me.

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She may or may not release episodes of this series on a weekly basis, but if she does, they will likely air at midnight.

Swift was recognized as the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade at Tuesday night’s Nashville Songwriter Awards hosted by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. After making her remarks, she surprised everyone by singing her 10-minute long “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” for the first time. Stay tuned for Billboard’s coverage from Nashville, where our reporters are already on the scene.