Adria Arjona’s mom pushed her to audition during the flu epidemic. Let the force be with you, daughter.

Adria Arjona, who plays Andor in the show, said that her mother persuaded her to try out for the role.

Arjona’s new character, Bix Caleen, is an intimate companion of the galactic saga’s main protagonist (played by Diego Luna). Wednesday marks the launch of the first three episodes of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian,” in which Bix helps Cassian Andor evade capture.

The rising actress said to Insider in an interview before the series launch that she almost called off her screen test because of the epidemic.

Andor’ Star Adria Arjona Says Her Mom Convinced Her to Audition


It was the height of the epidemic, and no one in Paris realized what was happening, as Arjona put it. “Then I contacted my mother in Puerto Rico and said, “Mom, I don’t know whether to go on this train. Something known as COVID exists. What should I do? I find myself asking.”

Adria Arjona went on to say “She treats me like her Puerto Rican son or daughter and never ends our phone conversations with an abrupt ‘bye, honey. But she simply said, “You’re a swan,” which is a very wild thing to say. It was a lake of s***, and you could go swimming in it without getting dirty. She wished me well and said, “May the force be with you, my daughter,” before hanging up the phone. In response, I mused, “Okay, then, then I suppose I’m going.”

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Adria Arjona’s selection proved correct when she was cast in the role shortly after her audition.

I did the first scene [from the first episode] that we have with Diego and then I performed another part on my own, Arjona stated. “After a tense ten seconds, showrunner Tony Gilroy finally broke the quiet with the words, “Welcome to Star Wars.” Really, I was terrified. This never occurs in the room, certainly not for ‘Star Wars.'”

Andor Star Adria Arjona

Adria Arjona said she felt lucky since “Andor” showrunner Tony Gilroy knew what he was searching for.

The actor, who is 30 years old, continued: “It’s a metaphor for the fact that Tony has a firm grasp on his own desires and doesn’t need any outside input to fulfill them. “This is it,” he says. It’s you, Bix. Then he was like, “Here is Bix, this is Bix,” as he presented me to the rest of the office. Oh my God, I thought. It was the craziest 10 minutes of my life.”

In case you haven’t heard, Disney+ is debuting “Andor” on Wednesday.