After 15 sold-out performances, Harry Styles has finished his stint at Madison Square Garden.

A NEW YORK — Harry Styles, a pop sensation at age 28, is causing a commotion at Madison Square Garden.

On Wednesday night, his record-breaking “Love on Tour 2022” adventure will come to a close.

Elijah Westbrook, a correspondent for CBS2, has been following the tour since it began in August and has more on the significance of the event.

At one show, Harry Styles addressed the audience, “It is great, amazing, wonderful to be back in New York.”

Harry Styles at Madison Square

The British alternative and R&B singer is ending off his 15-show sold-out run at the Garden in New York City, where fans have filled the venue to see him perform. Listen to what people on social media have to say: it has not been disappointing.

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A residency at the prestigious venue is now a regular part of Harry Styles’ schedule. According to accounts, he performs more often than most performers do in a year.

Watch: Harry Styles pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at MSG concert

At the MSG event, Harry Styles honored the Queen with a special performance.

The lively and vibrant performer can bring the house down on any given night.

According to Darryl Tookes, a singer, composer, and head of music business studies at Florida A&M University, “his shows are never static.”

Tookes claims that Harry Styles stands out from the crowd due to his unpredictable behavior.

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His music isn’t something to be offended by. His music has a genetic makeup with other artists. He maintains his universally positive reputation because he is aware of and appreciates its value. That’s brilliantly new, and if I may be so audacious as to say so, I believe a large part of his success stems from the fact that he has the collective aspiration to embrace his own self.

But the viral moments with fans, such as when he borrows a fan’s phone to upload a video to the social networking app BeReal, are what really make Styles’ performances interesting.

Harry Styles 15 Shows

Another of his comments, “I just popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” went viral when he said it at the Venice Film Festival, where the cast of “Don’t Worry Darling” was promoting their film.

Harry Styles has now clarified that the remark was meant as a light-hearted poke.

Only one more performance remains in his New York residency, and fans are scrambling to get tickets to the last night at Madison Square Garden, which will be his 15th straight engagement there.

A huge part of it is that “we’re in a period where everyone is longing to connect, longing to perform, and longing to see people,” Tookes added.