Lamar Odom and Actress Daniielle Alexis, who identifies as transsexual, maybe dating.

The Australian transgender actress may be the new flame of the former NBA player Lamar Odom.

Kylian Mbappe showed the world what would become a new norm: dating outside of one’s superstar status. Recently, he was seen enjoying a vacation with the famous transgender model Ines Rau. Even though it hasn’t been proven, the rumor that he’s dating her has spread like wildfire.

Because of this, Kylian has become a role model, and more athletes are deciding to take a similarly bold move. Lamar Odom, a former NBA player, has been seen with trans actress Daniielle Alexis. She sent a heartfelt comment beside a photo she had taken with the retired basketball star.

Are Lamar Odom and Alexis actually dating?

Like with Kylian Mbappe, there has been no official confirmation of the 42-year-old ex-NBA player’s relationship with the 21-year-old model Alexis. A number of people online have noticed the similarities between the actress and his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian and have commented on it. The Australian actress is a friend of Odom’s and has previously come out publicly about being transgender.

Lamar Odom

However, no more information about their potential connection has been made public. Not one of them has addressed the potential of this happening. Lamar Odom has been honest about being a heterosexual man, but this just fuels the fire. One that is more vibrant than ever and is sure to divide opinions.

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Some people argue that trans women are not women and that males who like them must be gay. Some people, however, hold the view that transsexual women are women and should be dating men of the same gender. The discussions that arise from this challenge are certain to be stimulating.


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