Netflix Releases (Sep 21-24): This week, there will be 17 additional Releases

Netflix releases  News: In 2013, a film helmed by one of my favorite filmmakers, Sofia Coppola, titled The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson, was released. The film dramatized the activities of a bunch of celebrity-obsessed youngsters who stole into the lavish Hollywood mansions of stars like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. However, Netflix has recently released The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, a three-part limited series that offers a documentary take on the same events. It is one of more than a dozen new titles added to Netflix this week.

The first episode of this limited series premiered on Netflix on September 21. It is one of seventeen new shows and movies that will be available on the streaming service between now and September 24. Netflix’s promotional copy for the show promises, “the truth behind the Bling Ring burglaries has never been disclosed… until now.”

Netflix releases are still to come this week

The trailer for the new Bling Ring series continues: Now that they’ve done their time for the Hollywood Hills home-invasion robberies that made national headlines a decade ago, the convicted criminals are speaking out. The docuseries serves as a warning to today’s youth because it depicts what might happen when a celebrity and fame-obsessed society collides with the advent of social media.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the second season of the Swedish crime thriller Snabba Cash, which will be added to Netflix this week. For now, just know that this Netflix release (coming on Thursday, September 22) is one of the most undervalued films you’ll come across on the streamer, and I’ll have a separate review for it soon.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 – Production Details Revealed!

The title’s literal translation into English, “easy money,” gives you a hint as to the tone of this drama, which sees a real, ambitious startup entrepreneur, a crime lord, and egomaniacal business giants, among other characters, collide in a compelling and highly bingeable plot.

Netflix New Releases

Netflix Releases: Streaming September 21

Designing Miami — NETFLIX SERIES

Fortune Seller: A TV Scam 🇮🇹– NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Iron Chef Mexico  🇲🇽– NETFLIX SERIES

The Perfumier 🇩🇪– NETFLIX FILM

The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Netflix Releases: Streaming September 22

The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone 🇦🇺– NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Karma’s World: Season 4 — NETFLIX FAMILY

Snabba Cash: Season 2 – NETFLIX SERIES

Thai Cave Rescue — NETFLIX SERIES

Netflix releases coming on Friday and Saturday

This Friday, like we do every week before the weekend, we’ll take a peek at what’s coming soon to Netflix Releases. This will be a handpicked selection of excellent and intriguing reads (and you can read the most recent one right here).

In the meanwhile, let’s check out what else is new on Netflix from Tuesday through Saturday.

Rick And Morty Season 6- Has Hulu Postponed the Release? Current Information!

Streaming September 23

A Jazzman’s Blues — NETFLIX FILM


The Girls at the Back 🇪🇸– NETFLIX SERIES

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega: Season 2 🇮🇳– NETFLIX SERIES


Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles 🇯🇵– NETFLIX FAMILY

Streaming September 24

Dynasty: Season 5

Fullmetal Alchemist The Final Alchemy 🇯🇵– NETFLIX FILM