The Role of Sam Carver, Which Chicago Fire cast member plays?

Sam Carver on Chicago Fire: Caution: “Chicago Fire” Season 11 Premiere “Hold on Tight” spoilers ahead.

Engine 51 has a new crew member. Now that Mason Locke (Chris Mansa) has left the department, a new recruit with a very different personality type will be joining the force. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Sam Carver go far back to their days as fellow fire academy trainees.

Instantly, he becomes a strange figure to the rest of the group. He is just reticent enough to start a conversation. It’s safe to say that unlike Mason, who was quickly adopted by the group, Carver will need some time to feel like a true member of the family.

Who plays Sam Carver

First time out, Carver shows he has what it takes to be an excellent firefighter. But he’s so impenetrable that his teammates have no clue how to relate to him. Is it possible that he has hidden scars? But first things first: show fans may be wondering who plays Carver. Who, then, is the handsome face behind the uniform of the fireman?

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Sam Carver is played by Jake Lockett

Jake Lockett portrays Sam Carver in this image. Maybe his most notable work is a series of advertisements for Capital One’s Venture X credit card. Co-showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman told TV Line that the advertisements were what first piqued their interest in the “Chicago Fire” concept.

Lockett has guest-starred in a wide range of comedies and dramas. He has had guest starring or supporting parts on shows including “Hawaii Five-O,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “SEAL Team,” “Masters of Sex,” “Community,” “Fam,” and “NCIS: Los Angeles,” according to IMDb. He has also appeared in the movies “Lycan” and “Blood Tide.”

Sam Carver on Chicago Fire

Despite Lockett’s lack of familiarity with the role as he comes in to replace Carver, the show’s producers seem to be fans. “It’s simply that we’re big, big admirers of his. He is quite charismatic and authoritative in his performance. We’re always on the lookout for that once-in-a-lifetime talent since our program features artists from a wide variety of genres “TV Line quotes Newman. Soon enough, readers will decide for themselves whether or not Carver is just as captivating.