Big Brother Season 24: The Second-to-Last Eviction Has Begun; Who Will Advance to the Finale?

Big Brother Season 24 News: Big Brother viewers, our Thursday night ritual is ending: Due to the upcoming Big Brother Season 24 finale (airing on Sunday at 8/7c), Thursday’s episode of the CBS series was the last regular live eviction episode until the summer of 2019.

However, there wasn’t much eviction business to attend to on Thursday with just four individuals remained in the house and only one vote being cast; here’s how the hour was finally filled:

To begin with, Monte and Taylor’s showmance is over just as fast as it started, and for the pettiest of reasons. At first, Monte is irritated by Taylor’s casual remark about his goddaughter during their hangout in the HOH bedroom. Taylor points out that Monte hasn’t seen his goddaughter grow up over the previous year since he’s been in the Big Brother house for three months.

Big Brother Season 24: Who Has A Path To The Finale?

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Big Brother Season 24: The next time the four housemates are in Taylor’s room, Monte falls asleep with her headphones on his ears; wanting to prove to Brittany (and maybe Turner) that she isn’t getting too close to Monte and sharing all of her belongings, Taylor removes the headphones from Monte’s ears, accidentally bumping his glasses and waking him up. Monte becomes even more irritated and exits the room.

After discussing the Taylor situation with Turner, in which Monte basically reduces his recent romance with her to a physical attraction that he eventually acted on, Monte goes to the HOH bathroom, where Taylor is soaking in the tub, to ask for an apology for her goddaughter comment and the headphones grab. Taylor feels instant sorrow for both, but Monte doesn’t seem pleased and instead gives her a lecture about her character. “I have a very low tolerance for disrespect,”

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Big Brother Season 24: Monte warns her, so she should not expect to spend much more time with him. Sayings like “It’s so off-putting at times” And he repeats the nasty things Daniel said about her at the beginning of the season when he said that Taylor “rubs certain people the wrong way.” You know, I believe she understands it. Finish it up and put it behind you!

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After Monte departs, Taylor says, “We’re back to the ‘Taylor is an insensitive bitch’ narrative,” referring to the story that has been told about her in the past. Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, she laments how disrespectful it was for Monte to bring up Daniel’s comments from earlier in the season, and she muses that she may have to let “cold Taylor” out if she wants to win the big prize.

Big Brother Season 24: Terrance, Michael, and Alyssa have all joined the group at the jury house, much to everyone’s surprise. The next installment of “Protect Joseph At All Costs” shows how devastated the poor man is after learning from Alyssa that Monte and Taylor spent precious time together the week before. Look at his expression! The depressed guy shrugged and said, “I suppose that’s their business or whatever.” Will he ever be able to relax on that jury?

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Brittany, newly energized by messages from home, makes a last appeal to Monte, telling him that he and Turner are now neck-and-neck and that he has a good chance of losing to Turner if the two of them make it to the final chairs. Meanwhile, Brittany is well aware that her lack of athletic prowess gives Monte an even greater edge in the upcoming Head of Household games.

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Big Brother Season 24: Unfortunately, Brittany is actually evicted by Monte despite her well-crafted appeal (and another strong case in her pre-eviction address). She reassures Julie that Turner is an asset to Monte’s game right now. But she also says that she’d want to have a “wonderful relationship” with Michael after the game if she can find out what happened during the double eviction (which seems unlikely, given that the rest of the games is focused on winning competitions).

Big Brother Season 24: With 20 minutes to go, Julie talks to the returning members of the Cookout alliance from last summer about the upcoming season. A few key points: First, Hannah doubts that future seasons will see an alliance as united as The Cookout; second, Tiffany weighs in on the recent drama involving Kyle by criticizing Terrance for wanting to keep him in the house despite his racist remarks; and third, Derek, Kyland, and Xavier at least currently believe that the game is Taylor’s to lose. (However, you’ll have to visit Julie’s Instagram to read Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah’s thoughts on the matter.)