A massive new Garbage album titled Anthology is in the works.

Shirley Manson, in a joking manner, praises the planned Garbage collection of 35 songs as proof of “our terrible capacity as a group to undergo ritual humiliation on a daily basis.”

In a month, Garbage will release Anthology, a 35-song career-spanning collection.

On October 28th, the album will be released through BMG/Stunvolume.

Garbage unveil plans for an expansive new compilation, Anthology

Shirley Manson, the lead singer, released a statement with the announcement: “This anthology is witness to over three decades of creative labor together, our collective fortitude, and our horrifying capacity as a group to survive ritual humiliation on a daily basis.”


It’s surprising to us that we’re still here, creating albums and doing shows all over the world, despite all the upheavals in the music business. It’s due in large part to the incredible enthusiasm of our audience.

To everyone: “With heartfelt appreciation for everything that you have done.”

In addition to being available digitally, the album will be available in physical formats such as double transparent yellow vinyl and 2CD versions.

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The anthology includes the following songs:

Disc 1

1. Vow
2. Subhuman
3. Only Happy When It Rains
4. Queer
5. Stupid Girl
6. Milk
7. #1 Crush
8. Push It
9. I Think I’m Paranoid
10. Special
11. When I Grow Up
12. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
13. You Look So Fine
14. The World Is Not Enough
15. Androgyny
16. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
17. Breaking Up the Girl
18. Shut Your Mouth

Disc 2

1. Why Do You Love Me
2. Bleed Like Me
3. Sex Is Not the Enemy
4. Run Baby Run
5. Tell Me Where It Hurts
6. Witness To Your Love
7. Blood For Poppies
8. Battle In Me
9. Automatic Systematic Habit
10. Big Bright World
11. Control
12. Empty
13. Magnetized
14. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
15. No Horses
16. The Men Who Rule The World
17. No Gods No Masters

On October 22nd, Garbage will perform at the We Can Survive event in Los Angeles with Halsey, Alanis Morissette, Weezer, and many more.