Kelli Giddish is departing Law & Order: SVU (2022). Does this mean that Amanda Rollins has died

Kelli Giddish

Kelli Giddish’s departure on Law & Order: SVU was foreshadowed by tonight’s big crossover. Even still, a question remained. How might it occur? Is there any way Amanda Rollins won’t survive the three hours?

After Rollins was shot and left bleeding on the street at about 10:20 p.m., we began to worry. Seeing this character die in such a cruel manner after the emotional trip we had with them would be devastating. Truthfully, it would make us feel both sad and angry.

Even while we’re not happy with the departure (particularly given all indications point to it being pecuniary in origin), we’d like to assume that it leaves the door open for the character to return at some time. Does it seem like too much to ask? Many other performers have found success in this environment.

Kelli Giddish Leaving ‘Law & Order: SVU’ in Season 24

Detective Amanda Rollins

Kelli Giddish: After the incident, the program took its sweet time letting us know whether Rollins was hurt. (After seeing Carisi’s response, we were all a blubbering mess.)

The good news is that Carisi paid a visit to Rollins in the hospital towards the conclusion of the episode, and she was still alive! She was not only awake, but she also knew he was in the room with her. Even if this sets the stage for her possible departure, it’s good news that you’ll get to see more of the character next week. Rollins’s desire to retire after this terrifying ordeal is understandable; she is a mother, and she has been in the field for a while now, so she knows that anything like this may happen at any moment.

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Entering tonight’s Law & Order: SVU season 24 crossover, were you worried that Kelli Giddish could be leaving sooner than expected?

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