Have Toy Story’s Tim Allen And Tom Hanks become friends in real life?

Tim Allen And Tom Hanks: The history of the wildly successful Pixar Studios is well-known, and so is the fact that the studio’s 1995 picture, “Toy Story,” not only set the tone for a series of consistently excellent and emotionally moving films but also revolutionized the animation industry. There have been three further feature films, several short films, and even some attractions at Disney theme parks based on the “Toy Story” franchise since then.

To many, Tim Allen And Tom Hanks are the two faces of the “Toy Story” franchise. Hanks and Allen, who portray Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the “Toy Story” films, have made several joint appearances throughout the course of the franchise’s 25-year history. The two tend to be linked even when they aren’t working together on a “Toy Story” project.

Tim Allen And Tom Hanks The Toy Story Stars

For instance, Hanks voiced his displeasure to CinemaBlend when Pixar opted to choose someone else to voice Buzz in “Lightyear.” While discussing “Hanks said, “How about that? ” when asked about the release of “Elvis” with “Lightyear.” I had originally planned on facing off against Tim Allen, but he was ultimately barred from doing so. This is beyond my comprehension.”

Obviously, Hanks’s support of Allen doesn’t automatically make them best friends. Competitors seldom like each other. Woody and Buzz, though? What about in real life?

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Tim Allen And Tom Hanks’s favorite cowboy

Since the franchise that binds Tim Allen And Tom Hanks is about the value of friendship, the question of their off-screen connection has come up often during their many joint promotional appearances over the years. In a stroke of good fortune, Tim Allen And Tom Hanks have each said publicly that they’ve “acquired a buddy” in the other.

Tim Allen And Tom Hanks best friends

Allen said, “It’s almost this connection, in a strange sense,” referring to the Woody and Buzz toys next to him in an interview with Pixar, drawing parallels between their friendship and the characters. In agreement, Hanks chimes in, “Now we wind up kind of speaking a secret language.” Allen says “skilled,” while Hanks jokes “cranky” when asked to characterize the other. A hybrid compliment/insult? If Allen thinks it’s funny, it must be a genuine friendship.

Tim Allen And Tom Hanks continue to eat out together even now. Rumors regarding “Toy Story 5” have been rampant since TMZ published a paparazzi-style picture of the two having breakfast at a restaurant. Obviously, the performers may have simply been hungry, but the prospect of a new film has fans’ hopes skyrocketing.