Anchor Mark Mester was let go after his on-air reaction to Lynette Romero’s departure.

According to Variety’s checks, KTLAAnchor Mark Mester has been let go.

In the past, Mester had been suspended for airing criticism of the station’s handling of his co-anchor Lynette Romero‘s unexpected departure. KTLA received backlash on social media when they revealed Romero’s departure without a farewell message to fans last week.

Anchor Mark Mester Fired from KTLA

The Los Angeles Times reports that KTLA general manager Janene Drafs fired Mester at a meeting in the newsroom. The KTLA website no longer recognizes Mester as an anchor.

KTLA Anchor Mark Mester

Anchor Mark Mester: After 24 years, Lynette Romero has chosen to move on from anchoring our Saturday morning news, KTLA news director Pete Saiers stated in a statement to Variety. It was a top priority for KTLA Management to keep her on staff. Lynette left for greener pastures, as it were. We asked her to leave an audio message for the audience, but she rejected it. We will miss Lynette’s presence at KTLA and send our best wishes to her and her loved ones.

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The station’s successful weekend morning program was co-anchored by Mester and Romero. This is not how you treat someone who dedicated a lifetime of devotion to this station,” Mester said in an impromptu statement on Saturday, apologizing to viewers on behalf of KTLA for Romero’s departure.

Anchor Mark Mester

On September 14, Romero tweeted about her leaving, saying, “I will always be thankful for the love and compassion L.A. audiences have given me. Friends, please wait a moment while I return.

To yet, Variety has heard nothing back from Mester in response to the magazine’s request for comment.