Drill Rappers Sha Ek, 22Gz, and Ron Suno, New York City’s Rolling Loud Festival Bans

Three drill rappers were allegedly cut from the list for this weekend’s Rolling Loud at Citi Field in Queens. Sha Ek, 22Gz, and Ron Suno are three musical artists from New York’s outer boroughs that have been canceled.

NYPD Has Rappers Sha Ek, 22Gz, Ron Suno Removed From Rolling Loud

The mayor of the city, Eric Adams, termed the correlation between the subgenre and gun violence “alarming” in February, and other local officials share his concerns. In a statement to The New York Times, Sha Ek’s manager Stanley Davis said, “[the police] don’t respect that he’s a 19-year-old artist and entertainer trying to better himself and feed his family.”

Drill Rappers

Davis also claimed that children attended Sha Ek’s concerts throughout the Northeast in the past year and danced enthusiastically at each one. However, things aren’t always as cut and white as they may seem.

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Billboard stated that 22Gz was one of the excluded acts because he was freed on bond in June after being arrested in March for attempted murder in connection with a gunshot on March 6 that left three people wounded at a Brooklyn nightclub.