Stranger Things House: The Byers’ Family Home Is Currently on the Market (Listing Available)

Stranger Things House: Here’s some fantastic news for followers of Stranger Things! Property owned by the Byers family is now available for purchase. The building that has the world-famous alphabet wall is now for $300,000.

This home is really situated at 149 Coastline Rd. in Fayetteville, Georgia, despite the fact that the show takes place in the (fictitious) town of Hawkins., Indiana.

The three-bedroom home was reportedly constructed in the early 1900s and has six acres of land, as stated in the ad on Zillow. It features two full bathrooms and central air conditioning for your comfort.

Stranger Things House Is up for Sale

Stranger Things House: There has been a lot of buzz about the show ever since it first debuted. The owner had to post “Private Property” signs and block off the driveway to keep people out. This, therefore, is a highly sought-after residence.

Stranger Things House

Although it has gained notoriety thanks to Netflix, it is not yet ready for occupancy. And the place would require a major overhaul before you could have a Stranger Things viewing party and take your guests to the Upside Down.

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Stranger Things House: The advertising warns potential buyers not to “get caught in the upside down,” noting that the house requires extensive repairs. However, with the proper purchaser, they may make a sizable profit in the long run. This listing makes it seem like the house may be converted into an Airbnb.

Stranger Things House: It has become somewhat of a fad to rent out homes made famous by television series via Airbnb. In 2021, the flat from Sex in the City that Carrie Bradshaw rented will be available on the Airbnb platform.

Is the Stranger Things House something you’d be interested in? After just two days on Zillow, the listing has received about 135,000 views and around 3,700 “saves.” While it’s true that most of those views and saves are probably simply people wandering around the internet and daydreaming about other lifestyles, you should nonetheless act quickly if you’re thinking about it.

Stranger Things House for sale

When can we expect a new season of ‘Stranger Things?’


In late May of 2022, Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere on the streaming service. The Duffer Brothers said before the last season aired that there would only be one more.

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It was revealed in early 2022 that the whole Stranger Things plot had been plotted out seven years before. The rest of the passage went as follows: “Four or five seasons was the time frame we estimated when we first heard about the tale. It was too big to fit into four parts, but as you’ll see in a moment, we’re racing toward the climax now. The next fourth season will be the series swan song, with the last season airing in season 5.”

Stranger Things House: Sadly, the premiere of Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. We do know, though, that we won’t see it until at least 2023, and probably not until 2024. At least we can use this opportunity to binge-watch the whole series again and save up for a down payment on the Byers’ Georgia home, right?