Culture victim Sharon Osbourne warns about victims who can’t ‘take care’

Osbourne discusses the aftermath of her decision to back Piers Morgan in his spat with Meghan Markle on the day of the launch of her new docuseries on Fox Nation on September 26.

Don’t be a cultural vulture any longer On Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Sharon Osbourne voiced worry for the “thousands of individuals” dismissed for openly disagreeing with leftist orthodoxies.

Sharon Osbourne lost her job as a co-host on “The Talk,” a CBS daytime talk program, in 2021 because she defended Piers Morgan, who had been sacked for calling Meghan Markle’s criticism of the British royal family racist. After Piers Morgan was fired from “Good Morning Britain” for their divergent views on Markle, Osbourne engaged in a furious debate with her co-host, Sheryl Underwood.

Cancel culture victim Sharon Osbourne raises alarm for worse-off victims

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne said on Tucker Carlson’s show that being fired was “not just a tiny thing,” adding, “nobody would approach me anymore because of what happened.” “Clearly, this is not a little matter, but I am perfectly OK. I’m capable of looking for myself.”

However, what about those who are unable to?… That is the main thing we have to watch out for.

When asked about her own feelings, Sharon Osbourne stated she was more concerned about the “thousands” of other victims of cancel culture.

Carlson said that they are “powerless individuals.”

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The “excessively, overly woke” television and film industries made the British-American media figure feel that she had to “walk on eggshells” all the time. Sharon Osbourne warned that the music business was not one that offered second chances.

An individual might lose their job for anything they posted on social media “10, 12 years ago.” She also hinted that a person may have voiced a viewpoint years ago that they no longer believe because they were inebriated and in the company of an unruly throng. She suggested that even then, they would be subject to cancel culture.

Sharon Osbourne wanted to slam CBS

Sharon Osbourne felt compelled to apologize to her CBS coworkers after the heated confrontation.

Talk to me, talk to me, I remember telling one of my co-hosts during the first commercial break. Explain to me the reasoning behind your actions. In other words, I need to know the source of this. Just tell me why you’re doing it.

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Her co-host pretended to be talking to someone else and turned her back on her. Osbourne then cursed at her, although she claims CBS was aware of her profanity before hiring her. Osbourne claims that eleven years of profanity “didn’t worry them off-air” until this one incident of cursing.

Sharon Osbourne’s exit from “The Talk” and media career will be the subject of a new four-part Fox Nation docuseries. The premiere of “To Hell & Back” on Fox Nation is scheduled for Monday, September 26.