The Arknights Prelude to Dawn Trailer Offers a Hint at the Film’s Introductory Theme

With the release of a new key graphic and trailer, there is now more to know about the forthcoming Arknights Prelude to Dawn anime. Amiya and the Doctor, set against a backdrop of devastation, gaze skyward in this pivotal image. The teaser also gives a sneak peek at the opening song, “Alive” by ReoNa.

The Arknights Prelude to Dawn video, clocking in at around a minute and a half, provides a glimpse at some of the anime’s upcoming characters. This one gives a little more background on the location when contrasted to the shorter anime trailer that came out in July 2022. The third teaser may be seen down below.

Arknights Prelude to Dawn Official Trailer

Information on the cast and opening theme for Arknights Prelude to Dawn can now be found on the show’s new website. The opening song will be “Alive” by ReoNa, as was previously reported. Shadows House and Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of the Underworld both featured her singing the opening themes. The original Japanese voice actors for the game will return for the anime adaptation.

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The dispute between Rhodes Island and the Reunion Movement is introduced in the preview. People afflicted with “Oripathy,” a sickness spread by contact with Originium, the game’s primary power source, form the deadly insurgency known as Reunion. The Doctor and Amiya’s group, known as Rhodes Island, is a pharmaceutical corporation and paramilitary organization looking for a treatment for Oripathy and promoting peaceful coexistence with the Infected.

Arknights Anime

Nearly, Exusiai and Texas are just a few of the supporting characters that make cameo appearances. Mephisto, Crownslayer, and other non-player characters make an appearance. Act 0: Hour of an Awakening will be adapted for Prelude to Dawn.

On October 28, 2022, the first episode of Arknights: Prelude to Dawn will air. Mobile gamers can get their hands on Arknights.