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Lisa Ann Walter of Abbott Elementary School Discusses the Internet’s Obsession with Her Parent Trap Role

Lisa Ann Walter is OK with becoming a style icon.

The heroine of ABC’s successful comedy Abbott Elementary spoke up exclusively to E! News about her reaction when she found out that Chessy, her character from the 1998 film The Parent Trap, had become a Gen Z fashion icon thanks to the video sharing app TikTok. I think it’s beautiful; it never gets old,” she said. “In retrospect, I can recall thinking, “Really? A long shirt that reaches beyond my hips? My slacks hit me at the ankle. It’s ok, Nancy; if that’s what you want, I’ll comply.”

Hallie Parker (Lindsay Lohan) and her father Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid) had a live-in nanny named Chessy, who wore oversized clothes every day.

Lisa Ann Walter of Abbott Elementary School Discusses

Sheryl Lee Ralph, who plays Lisa’s best friend at Abbott Elementary, said, “But it works.” In agreement, Lisa Ann Walter said, “I believe your generation, the younger generations are so brighter, in a manner, than we are.”

Her words continued, “They’re like, “I’m not putting my pigs in high heels and sharp toes. I plan on wearing casual footwear, a loose-fitting blouse, and loose-fitting chino trousers.”

Whereas, Lisa’s opinion on actually seeing these Chess-themed TikToks remains unclear.

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The comic eventually joined the TikTok community, he said. Elaine Hendrix, my closest friend from The Parent Trap, basically lured me into her TikTok world, so I’m kind of on there too.

I don’t really do it yet, but I will,” Lisa said.

On the contrary, Lisa Ann Walter wants her Instagram followers to know that she has no problem showing off her ’90s-inspired wardrobe if they, too, have jumped on the Chessy bandwagon.

When kids email me photos of themselves on their first day of school, I always share them on my own page. Remember that In other words, she was generous. “Just email me a photo of yourself dressed as Chessy with the hashtag “Chessy Forever,” and I’ll share it on my social media accounts. Yes, do it!”

In the meanwhile, Lisa Ann Walter is still working with children; on ABC’s Abbott Elementary, broadcast on Wednesdays, she plays a teacher in a public school in Philadelphia that has been severely underfunded.

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