Café Minamdang Episode 18 – Release Date, Spoiler Alert, And Where to Watch!

Café Minamdang Episode 18 News: Yes!! Seo In-guk, who has quickly become a fan favorite, returns to once again steal the show. Café Minamdang, the latest series by Seo In-guk, is now available to watch online after a lengthy wait. If you’ve been watching Café Minamdang and are looking for information about the last episode of the season, Episode 18, then you’ve come to the right place.

Café Minamdang Episode 18’s plot summary or story outline.

Café Minamdang Episode 18, the newest Korean drama series, is based on and closely follows the plot of a popular online novel by the same name. The protagonist, a former criminal named Nam Han-Joon, now operates a café known as Minamdang where he serves as a fortune teller and con artist to the locals with his charming demeanor and good looks. However, he does more than just give customer service; he also helps people resolve their issues.

When Will Café Minamdang Episode 18 Air?

On August 22, 2022, the 17th episode of the TV show Café Minamdang was made available to viewers. Café Minamdang Episode 18, which has been anticipated by fans, will premiere on Tuesday, August 23 at 3:00 PM GMT and 9:30 PM KST and may be seen online then.

Café Minamdang Episode 18 Release Date To what extent do fans know what to anticipate from Café Minamdang?

Many viewers are eager to find out what happens in the brand new Korean drama Café Minamdang, which is already available online. A lot of them are excited to see Seo In-guk, one of their favorite actors. Fans of Korean dramas had high hopes for the new series Café Minamdang, and the show more than delivers. The show has comedic, romantic, and mysterious plotlines. The show’s distinct qualities and gorgeous cast members are also helping it get a lot of viewers.

Episode 17 Recap: Café Minamdang

Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no Café Minamdang recap for the prior episode available. Please revisit our site as we will be providing regular updates.

Read up on all the specifics on our site now. Marking our website will allow you to quickly check back for any updates on this subject.

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Café Minamdang Episode 18: Spoilers

Everyone is curious about what will occur in the next 18th episode of Café Minamdang. Meanwhile, a select handful is actively looking for spoilers, even though the series’ production studio has not made available any spoilers for Café Minamdang Episode 18. So if you want to know about upcoming changes, remain tuned to our website.

Subtitled Café Minamdang Episode 18 it will be released throughout several time zones

  • Time in the Pacific: 5:50 a.m. (23 August 2022)
  • 7:50 p.m. in the Central Time Zone (23 August 2022)
  • Time in the East: 7:50 a.m. (23 August 2022)
  • It is now 13:50 in the UK (23 August 2022)
  • At 18:20 IST, in India (23 August 2022)
  • The current time in Europe is 14:50 CEST (23 August 2022)
  • The current time in Australia is 23:20 UTC (23 August 2022)
  • The current local time in the Philippines is 20:50. (23 August 2022)

Café Minamdang Episode 18 News

Success of Café Minamdang Episode 18

Fans of Café Minamdang who have seen the first season have mostly favorable things to say about it. Reviewers have praised the latest episode, and many fans have said they’ve loved all 16 episodes of the first season of Café Minamdang. The show has been picked up for a second season thanks to the success of the first.

Cast of Café Minamdang Episode 18

Fans of Korean dramas know that the series is only as good as its cast, and the new drama Café Minamdang does not disappoint with its collection of talented actors and actresses.

Favorite actor Seo In-guk will portray the male lead role of Nam Han-Joon in the first season of Café Minamdang. Male lead Kwak Si-yang portrays Gong Soo-Cheol, female lead Oh Yeon-Seo plays Han Jae-hee, male lead Kwon Soo-Hyun plays Cha Do-won, and female lead Kang Mi-na plays Nam Hye-Joon, the sister of Nam Han-Joon.

Check out the reviews and ratings for Café Minamdang right here!

Everyone evaluates a program based on its ratings. Most reliably, a show’s ratings can tell us whether or not it will be canceled. The higher the scores, the safer the situation is. The drama has been well received by its viewers, earning an 8.1/10 rating on both IMDb and MyDramaList.

Café Minamdang Episode 18 Cast


Being able to stream it on Netflix is a huge relief. After seeing the pilot, I’m instantly hooked. Interesting questions are raised by both the characters and the narrative. Looking forward to future episodes. I’m having a great time since everything is so crazy and hilarious. Enjoyable to listen to and certain to make you chortle. Korean dramas, even the finest of them, may be difficult for me to follow because of their rapid pace, but this show seems promising thus far.

Café Minamdang Episode 18: Where Can I Find It?

Everyone seems to be talking about Seo In-newest guk’s series, Café Minamdang, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to being shown in its entirety on the KBS network channel, the first season of the popular Korean drama Café Minamdang is now accessible to subscribers of the video-streaming service Netflix throughout the globe.

Can You Tell Me How Many Episodes Will Be In The First Season Of Café Minamdang?

There has been a season premiere of Café Minamdang. The performance is a huge success. The public appreciates this program. So far, the shoemakers have produced 17 episodes of this series. In all, 17 episodes have been made available thus far. Similarly, there is just one episode in reserve.

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Does it Make Sense to Watch Café Minamdang?

The viewers evaluate the show based on its rating and the reviews it has gotten before deciding whether or not to watch it.

Season 1 of Café Minamdang has been well praised and has gotten great ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes, so if you’re interested in the show, you shouldn’t hesitate to dive in.

Video Clip for Café Minamdang Episode 18

At the time of writing, there is no preview available for the next episode of Café Minamdang. Make sure to return to our site for more updates on Café Minamdang Episode 18. The trailer for Café Minamdang is available to see at this time.

Café Minamdang Episode 18 Ending


We’ll wrap up this post now; hopefully, you found all you needed to know about the next episode of the hit Korean sitcom Café Minamdang. And if you’re interested in learning more about the newest continuing series, Café Minamdang, keep tuned to our website, where we’ll be releasing all the necessary information on the next episodes of season 1. In addition, check out our other articles, which provide details on a wide variety of other popular Korean dramas.


I was wondering whether you knew when the first season of Café Minamdang will be released.

Café Minamdang Season 1 is now available to watch on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in the first season of Café Minamdang?

Cafe Minamdang’s first season will consist of 18 episodes.

Where can I find advertisements for the 18th episode of Season 1 of Café Minamdang?

Advertisements for Café Minamdang Episode 18 have not yet been released.

Four, who made the first season of Café Minamdang?

For the first season of Café Minamdang, credit Jae-Hyun Ko.