Kate Hudson’s Warm and Fuzzy Tribute to Goldie Hawn, Whom She Resembles Like a Shadow

As far back as anybody can remember, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn have had one of the sweetest (and most genuine) mother-daughter relationships in the entertainment industry. The two have been through a lot together, from an intergenerational selfie to a side-by-side interview, and they are still the best of friends to this day! Aside from the obvious fact that they’re best friends, the pair is now giving us the willies due to how closely they resemble one another.

Kate Hudson’s Adorable & Cozy Shoutout to Her Lookalike Mama Goldie Hawn

On September 23rd, Kate Hudson shared a photo of herself and her mom wearing matching sweatshirts and looking adorable. With the message “Mama G appreciation post bc she just so damn adorable #lovemymama #daughterday #luckydaughter,” Hudson shared a picture of his mother with the hashtags trending on social media at the time.


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Both of them are wearing wide grins and long, comfortable cardigans in the snap. With her fashionable sunglasses and knitted headband, Kate Hudson exudes a distinct bohemian vibe. Hawn’s outfit consists of black pants, a black top, and a blue cardigan, giving her a more understated and cozy vibe. We’re all in agreement that we’re obsessed with this twin pair (and that we need hair guides immediately).

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At this point in her life, Kate Hudson is proud of any comparisons to her mother. People quote an old interview from Hudson’s BlogHer site in which she says, “I have zero issues when people comment, ‘God, you look like your mother.'” As for me, I’m like “Well, terrific!” Thanks!’”

Kate Hudson

They share more than just physical similarities; their relationship is really remarkable. According to an interview Hawn gave to Closer Weekly, she said, “As we grow older together, I can’t convey the amount of love, pleasure, laughing, and despair we experience. We are on the same page, she gets me and I get her. We’re girls,” she continued. We are completely interdependent on one another.