Sharon Osbourne claims CBS framed her and labelled her “not remorseful” before she was fired from “The Talk.”

After an ugly on-air debate over racism, Sharon Osbourne was fired from “The Talk” and is now speaking out about her dismissal.

Osbourne explains her side of the on-air dispute with Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth, which led to her resignation, in the four-part docuseries “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back,” currently available on Fox Nation.

USA TODAY has requested an interview with CBS, Underwood, and Welteroth.

I really wanted to yell at the camera, “(expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you and CBS take that and walk off,” but I restrained myself “Osbourne remarked with a middle finger up. “The problem was that I just couldn’t commit to it. Consider what may have happened if I had really done it! Even though I knew it would have been fatal, the thought crossed my mind. To CBS, I wanted to yell, “Go f*ck yourself.”

Sharon Osbourne Reveals “Why I Was Fired from The Talk”

Sharon Osbourne ' The Talk'

What follows are some of the most explosive moments from the explosive documentary series.

However, Sharon Osbourne insists that Piers Morgan “isn’t racist.”

Sharon Osbourne faced criticism on “The Talk” in March 2021 for supporting Piers Morgan, her former co-judge on “America’s Got Talent” and a British journalist who is widely seen as racist for his criticism of Oprah Winfrey’s candid interview with Duchess Megan and Prince Harry.

Morgan’s “Good Morning Britain” statement that he did not “trust a word” of what the government was saying drew a deluge of criticism “That Megan made, including her claims that a high-ranking member of the royal family engaged in racist behaviour, is true.

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I wouldn’t take her word for the weather if she read it to me.” “Morgan continued.

Sharon Osbourne said that her fellow “Talk” hosts unfairly characterised her as a racist for supporting Morgan’s right to free speech.

Piers is not a racist, has never made racial comments in his writing or public speaking, and “that’s what she stated. “He was labelled a racist, and then I got labelled a racist for supporting him,”

According to Osbourne’s on-air logic, she was going to be executed because she “had a buddy who many people believe is a racist and that makes me a racist.”

Underwood, who is Black, asked Osbourne how he would respond to those who would call it racist to support someone like Morgan for his views “Why would I ever consider anything racist about anyone? I don’t understand how someone could accuse me of racism. I don’t see how!”

Sharon Osbourne Reveals

Underwood claimed she was “traumatised” and “terrified” by the discussion, and the programme was put on hold for a month as CBS investigated Osbourne internally. Osbourne resigned later that month after the network decided the incident “did not correspond” with its “values for a respectful workplace.”

Sharon Osbourne’s treatment has been deemed “inappropriate” by Carrie Ann Inaba.

Former “The Talk” co-host Carrie Ann Inaba, who was diagnosed with COVID during the debate, recounted it in the documentary series.

That anything like this could happen on ‘The Talk’ is incomprehensible. The purpose of ‘The Talk’ is not to make people feel uneasy, either in the audience or between us. It had been intended as a secure location, This is what Inaba said. I can’t believe this occurred.

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Then she said, “no one should ever have gone through what (Sharon Osbourne) went through that day.”

I was traumatised even though I wasn’t there,” she continued.


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According to Sharon Osbourne, the CBS executive’s support of Morgan “couldn’t stand.”

Osbourne later claimed that she had called a meeting with series creators Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews, in which Underwood also participated after the programme aired. Gray passed away in the month of July, at the age of 50.

Everyone gathered us into an empty office. In response, I demanded know, Who instructed you to do this to me?” In addition, Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews sobbed, as Sheryl rocked back and forth, still inconsolable “This is what Osbourne had to say. “Why are you crying?’ I asked. All of you are to blame for what happened to me. Justify your actions. I want to know, “Who instructed you to do it?”

According to Osbourne, the piece was requested by CBS’s daytime programming head Amy Reisenbach.

According to Osbourne, Reisenbach did this as payback for Osbourne supporting criticism of Winfrey’s interview, which aired on CBS.

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And I believe I know why they did it. They were upset with Piers because Oprah, Megan, and Harry, the crown gem of their little fake crown, were being ridiculed …she said. “Although I was employed by CBS, I was fired because I supported Piers when he was being unfairly criticised. It was too much for them to bear.”

To paraphrase what Elaine Welteroth was overheard saying to Sharon Osbourne: “I don’t believe you’re racist,”

Sharon Osbourne News

According to Sharon Osbourne, Welteroth came into her dressing room shortly after the programme aired and claimed the showrunners had originally encouraged her to address Osbourne about racism. She said that Underwood, who was a close friend of Osbourne’s at the time, volunteered to undertake the job when Welterother declined.

Welteroth can be heard saying to Osbourne, “I don’t believe you’re racist,” on a hot mic clip published by the Daily Mail in the documentary. Those who know you well would never think or say such a thing.

Welteroth elaborated, saying, “Sheryl and I are held to a different standard by Black people and people of colour out there, who expect us to say something about every racist anything, and it puts us in such a (messed up) position that even if we don’t have the information if we don’t even really care if we don’t really want to engage, it feels like a spotlight is on us.”