Fans of “The Last of Us” all agree that their first encounter with the “Clickers” was terrifying.

The Last Of Us News: There has been a successful run of zombie fiction in recent years, thanks to series like “The Walking Dead,” “iZombie,” and “Z Nation,” films like “Dawn of the Dead,” “Warm Bodies,” and “World War Z,” and computer games of various stripes. However, several well-known series is attempting to revitalise the subgenre, with “The Last of Us” standing out as a prime example. “The Last of Us” offers a more realistic and scientific take on the zombie genre, since it is inspired by a real-world fungal illness.

The Last Of Us’ First Terrifying Look At The Clickers

In “The Last of Us,” the infection is based on the Cordyceps fungus, which stands in stark contrast to the normal methods of zombie introduction, such as a rogue research programme or dark magic. Parasitic fungi like Cordyceps are often found in insect populations, as explained by National Geographic. It not only infects these arthropods, but also controls their behaviour and, ultimately, eats them. To continue the cycle, the infected bug must locate a place where the spores may germinate, and once it does, it will wait there until a fruiting fungal body erupts from the victim.

The Last Of Us Look

The frightening consequences of human infection with Cordyceps are shown in “The Last of Us.” Fans of the video game series may breathe a sigh of relief; it seems like HBO’s adaptation will be faithful to the games, and at least one version of the infected has a look that has garnered much approval.

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When it comes to the Clickers, viewers can’t discern the difference between the promotional film and the actual game.

It seems that HBO’s adaptation of “The Last of Us” will stick to the video game’s formula of showing the progression of Cordyceps infection over the course of many phases. The Last of Us Wiki states that infection with Cordyceps may go through four stages. The first phase often begins two days after exposure and is characterised by extreme aggressiveness and a loss of higher brain function. In the next stage, the Cordyceps starts to have a noticeable effect on the victims’ bodies, and this trend continues throughout the whole process.

Stage 3 is also known as a “Clicker,” and it manifests itself when the victim’s whole body shows signs of fungal infection, most notably in the shape of a fully altered head. These Clickers, who have lost their eyesight, rely on echolocation via the distinctive clicking sound they generate.

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People have been raving about how well the game’s famous creatures look in the HBO series teaser for “The Last of Us,” which just appeared on YouTube. I love that HBO is sticking true to the games, and I know the clickers will be going crazy throughout #TheLastOfUs,” tweeted @ZeroYear97. The programme has very well nailed it with the Clickers, said @giselleb1234, while @Jimmy Mac 4701 said they can scarcely tell the difference between the show and the video game.

The Last Of Us Series

Even @ADAMCHECKNIGHT is psyched about the premiere of the programme, posting, “Seems incredible. Unless Ellie and Joel have poor chemistry, I don’t see how this series can fail.” Fans of the video game seem to agree that the Clickers from HBO’s “The Last of Us” are spot-on recreations of the ones from the game. And it seems like “Game of Thrones” actresses Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal would be a great choice to play Ellie and Joel.