FIFA 23: Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond’s Strategy Guide

It may come as a surprise to hear that Ted Lasso and his gorgeous side, AFC Richmond, are playable in FIFA 23, as bizarre as it may be, it’s true. Ted Lasso, the protagonist of the TV series, is an American who is recruited to coach a foreign soccer club. After the success of the second season, EA decided it would be a good idea to include him and his squad in FIFA 23. Here’s how to take control of Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond: A Guide to Playing in FIFA 23

EA has confirmed that Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be available as downloadable DLC for FIFA 23. Surprisingly, this material won’t cost a dime, and it’ll be freely available for download on all the main platforms.


Playing as Ted Lasso and his squad in FIFA  may be done in a variety of ways. Ted Lasso is a playable character in Career Mode, and you may choose him as your manager. AFC Richmond may be managed in FIFA 23 by moving the club to the Premier League or any other league of your choosing.

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Nonetheless, that’s not the only method to take control of Ted Lasso and his gang in the game. Kick-Off, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons, in addition to the Career Mode, are all playable with AFC Richmond. The Greyhounds also use their own studio on Nelson Road.