Star Walkin’, Lil Nas X’s official League of Legends theme song, is a smash.

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It’s no secret that League of Legends is one of the most profitable video games of all time, with annual earnings in the billions of dollars. Riot Games has diversified into animation (with Arcane) and other games (with Valorant and TFT), but music will always be one of the studio’s strong suits.

This year, “Star Walkin” by Lil Nas X was chosen to be performed as the World’s official anthem. The song is creating waves in the music industry and the League of Legends community; let’s find out whether the buzz is warranted.

League of Legends & Lil Nas X Debut World Anthem – Star Walkin’

Lil Nas X's Star Walkin' League Of Legends

In contrast to more thunderous World’s anthems of yesteryear, the song begins out quite softly. The song really gets going after that little introduction, when the more Trap-like elements are included. We’re relieved that the song took on a Trap vibe due to Lil Nas X’s presence, as was to be anticipated.

This time around, there’s not as much of a plot to the song video. The music video has taken us through the struggles of individuals and groups before, as they strive to improve their skills and performance. The lack of a central plot is not always a negative thing, since it frees up time and resources for animating a wide variety of details.

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The visual aesthetic is on par with that of previous League of Legends music videos, which is to say, stunning. It’s no wonder that the company’s releases seem so polished given its multimillion-dollar budget.

How Does Star Walkin’ Compare To Other League Of Legends Music?

Unlike other global anthems, such as Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Star Walkin’ doesn’t reach the same epic heights. Also, the League of Legends band K.D.A. deserves credit for their genuine and infectiously catchy KPOP single.

Star Walkin' League Of Legends

Nonetheless, Star Walkin’ is definitely original, and Riot Games did a fantastic job for a first attempt at fusing a Trap album with the League of Legends aesthetic. How well does this song stack up against Riot Games’ previous compositions? It’s totally subjective.

Whether or not you think Star Walkin’ belongs on the global stage, it is undeniable that it is a terrific song.